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Lip Injection and Forehead Botox Price

Hi , im 20 years old m, i want to get botox for my eyebrow and lip injection ( not too much just little bit that looks so natural),, but i do not have... READ MORE

I Am 23 M, I Want to Reduce Size of my Both Lips. I Feel They Are Heavy and Thick. What Should I Do? (photo)

How would i look if i go for a surgery, i am just curious about that.i had braces attached for nearly couple of years, just removed. pls guide me.... READ MORE

How Common is Lip Augmentation in Men?

What gender specific techniques or guidelines work best for men? READ MORE

Procedure to Fix Uneven Top Lip Due to Accident?

I busted my top lip open during a football game, and then I had it stitched together. However, 2 years passed and I have an uneven top lip, it has... READ MORE

Can I Get a Lip Reduction? (photo)

Hello im 23 years old and my bottom lip has always been big but its just getting bigger and bigger,i always bite it by mistake and there seems to be... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Lip Lift and Fillers? (photo)

I´m 23 years old but i feel older. I think my philtrum makes me look older (2 cm). I also develop deep nasolabial folds I gues because I did... READ MORE

Deep Hole Just Under my Lower Lip: My surgeon suggested me some temporary fillers.

In the last 5 years i have 2 fat injections and 1 tissue-skin grafting in it. My problem starts just at then end of the lower lip. Just under the... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Lip Reduction? (photo)

I am a 24 year old Asian male and have been conscious about the appearance of my side profile for just about my entire life. The problem area seems to... READ MORE

Male Lip Augmentation Options (lower lip)?

I am 27 years old male my lower lip is so much thin right now i want to know what is the procedure to get a well size of lip READ MORE

I have a weird lip shape. How can I correct it and through what procedure?

My lips look kind of scrunched up when I relax my facial muscles. It looks okay when I am smiling but I can't always keep on smiling. It is narrow... READ MORE

Should I get my lip(s) done? I'm 17 and feel they're too large for my face

I hate my lips. Every time I take photos I "tuck" them in. I feel very insecure with them. & I want to get them done now. I'm currently 17 & I'm... READ MORE

My lips are gross and produce excess skin that sheds. What is the cause? Can I change the shape of bottom lip? (Photo)

I am a man, I've tried everything to make my lips normal. I've tried various moisturizing creams and patroleum jelly. I've even simply not put... READ MORE

Is Restylane a Good Alternative to Lip Augmentation?

I have a thin upper lip, the bottom lip doesn't irk me as much(it's more even and plump) Although I've considered fat grafting to plump the upper... READ MORE

Can the Lips Be Stretched?

How far can the lips be stretched. I'm a male and my lips are narrow and plump and are not wider than my nose. They have room to stretch quite a lot... READ MORE

is it possible to reverse a cheiloplasty? (upper lip augmentation)

Hi i'm a 21 yo man, I had augmentation cheiloplasty (upper lip augmentation) on january 13 along with paranasal implants. when i smiled wide my upper... READ MORE

Can anything be done to minimize a venous pool on the lip? (photo)

I have had a very noticeable venous pool on my lower right lip for years, and it is getting more noticeable as I age. I'd like to have it 'disappear'... READ MORE

My upper lip protrudes. What can I do about it? (Photo)

Sir I think my upper lip is very fatty. Sir tell me how to treat it. It looks very ugly. READ MORE

Male Lip Reduction

Hello I am a Male interested in having Lip Reduction My lips are not hugely oversized they are uneven one part of my top lip is fuller than the other... READ MORE

What Kind of Revisions Should I Have? (photo)

I was born with what I'm quite sure is a unilateral cleft lip, but I haven't talked to a doctor about it in years. I just turned 18 in July, and over... READ MORE

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