Jaw + Lip Augmentation

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What Are My Options For A Lip Reduction?

I've been wanting to make my lips stop protruding out for a long time, and my dentist says that if I remove 4 teeth (ouch) and get braces, my... READ MORE

Would I Have to Go About Fillers+botox to Achieve This Look? (photo)

I have two pictures of myself (one actual pic, and one edited pic). In the first picture you can see that my cupids bow is not defined and I have long... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation/Botox Help Close My Mouth Without Straining?

I have a receding lower jaw that causes problems with my esthetic appearance and health. I have to stain my lips to close my mouth and as a result, I... READ MORE

Could Lip Augmentation reduce my lip tension?

Years ago, I underwent a double-jaw surgery that advanced my jaw forward quite a bit, because it was very receded. Naturally, I didn't have quite... READ MORE

I have a lower lip protrusion. Any suggestions?

My lower lip is bulky and is hanging so much so that it reveals the whole lower teeth... When I strain my facial muscles a bit the lip is in place but... READ MORE

Can my lip incompetence be fixed without surgery? (Photo)

I had braces and orthodontic herbst as a child (ages 9 to 11) to treat overbite and bucked teeth. Ever since, I have had a crooked jaw (opens to the... READ MORE

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