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How Long Will I Be Swollen After Lip Filler / Cheek Filler?

Hello I am trying to update my lip filler (just my top lip, a very minimal update) and I am also trying to improve my cheeks to make them less hollow.... READ MORE

What Type of Lip Augmentation is Good for a Thin Lip?

What is the average cost of a lip augmentation surgery on an upper lip? Is surgery going to give better results for a thin lip than a filler?... READ MORE

What Causes the Bruising During Lip Augmentation?

How long can I expect the bruising to last after my lip augmentation? Why does this occur- is it due to surgeon technique or the filler itself? READ MORE

Lip Anguloplasty or Fillers? Lips Downturned (photo)

I'm looking to have my downturned lips fixed to be slightly upward. I'm 36 years old. I've never had any cosmetic surgery on my face or... READ MORE

How does Artecoll compare to other fillers for lip augmentation?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Artecoll brand? READ MORE

My Lip Filling is Swollen, Suddenly After 7 Months. Causes? What Can I Do? (photo)

I had a lip filling around 6/7 months ago, i woke up this morning and they are swollen in a horrible way. i tried to put ice and cold water but... READ MORE

How Long Must I Wait to Get Lip Fillers After Permanent Lip Liner?

I received permanent lip liner to correct a loss of pigmentation on my upper lip. I am interested in receiving lip fillers to add on to my... READ MORE

Lip fillers 12 hours ago. SEVERE swelling! Please tell me when this will go down. I'm devastated. (Photo)

I had my lip fillers corrected last night as a previous doctor had left my lips uneven. I had them fixed last night with 1ml over top and bottom.... READ MORE

Lip Augmentations Lift Injectable? Juvederm, Collagen, or Restylane?

Which among of these (Juvederm, collagen, or Restylane) pose lesser risks of getting complications related after a lip augmentation lift? READ MORE

How Long After Childbirth Do I Need to Wait for Lip Fillers?

I am due to havee my third child next week an I was thinking about getting lip fillers after I would like to know if I could get them done a week... READ MORE

Lip augmentation - which fillers are best? (Photo)

Which fillers are best recommended for fuller lips for me.. Dont want too much just looking for something natural My lips seem to small .. READ MORE

Best Filler to Augment the Peri-oral Region?

I have a flat and downturned upper lip with thin and asymmetrical lips. I have gotten fillers on my vermillion border, but I find that while I like... READ MORE

Recommend a Type of Augmentation for Thin Lips?

Will having a lip augmentation make me happier with my overall appearance? I have really thin lips and want them to have a fuller more even look. What... READ MORE

What fillers do you think celebrities like Megan Fox and Lana Del rey use for their lips? (photo)

Their lips obviously have gotten bigger and people do suspect them of lip augmentation, but Lana denies it (im a fan of hers hence the username)... READ MORE

Are Pain and Lumps Normal 3 Months After Injection to Lips?

I have had lip filler injections about 3 months ago, and they are still painful and a little lumpy, is that normal? ( I dont remember what the filler... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Lips?

In what ways are fillers from fat grafting superior to more common fillers such as collagen or Restylane for lip augmentation? READ MORE

Lip injections with results similar to Kylie Jenners. What type of filler should I use? (Photo)

I've always been self conscious about my lips because not only are they small in size but also thin. They also seem to be uneven a little. I was... READ MORE

Have my lip fillers gone wrong? Heavy bruising and duck face (Photo)

I had my upper lip Injected yesterday and have woken up today with bad bruising inside my lip and I look like a duck!! I don't know what's best to do... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Having an Ultrasoft Lip Augmentation?

What are the major differences between using a short term filler versus a permanent augmentation? READ MORE

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