Bump + Lip Augmentation

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Can Bump on the Right Side of Lip Be Removed?

It came out of an accident when I was little and fell busting my lip open. I got stitches and ever since I have had a bump. Can this be removed? READ MORE

Bump on the Bottom of my Upper Lip After Hyaluronic Acid Injections

I had my upper lip done 3 days ago, injected with Hyaluronic acid. The doctor injected the middle of my lip a bit too much and now my right side... READ MORE

Removing Lip Bubble from Injections?

I had lip injections years ago, it moved and formed a bubble on my upper right lip. What are my options? READ MORE

Born With a Bump On My Lip, What Are Options To Remove It? (photo)

I was born with a bump on my lip. It really wasnt a big deal growing up but now as an adult I'm experimenting with fashion and makeup and it gets... READ MORE

Could an Oral Surgeon Remove Extra Tissue on the Inside of my Lip?

It has been there my whole life. It is just a little bump. It makes me look like I havve a "fat lip". When I smile my upper lip covers my... READ MORE

My lips split open sort of deep and like one side of my lip is more repositioned up. What treatment do you recommend? (photos)

I got into a fight exactly a week ago and my lip split open sort of deep and like one side of my lip is more repositioned up. more than the other... READ MORE

How can I get rid/remove of the fat under my lower lip? (photos)

I have never met a person with lips like mine. The fat/bump under my lower lip seems to be attached with my lip. I am very self conscious about it, is... READ MORE

What can I do about this bump in my lip and an uneven jawline? (Photo)

Hi, a dentist of mine damaged a nerve for a tooth of mine, I had to have it extracted after root canal failed. It took some time before I could get an... READ MORE

Fell on concrete sidewalk Jan 2012. How can I get rid of pouch of scar tissue on upper lip? Options besides surgery? (photo)

After some healing of busted lip, p.surgeon gave me steroid injections: -didn't inject much bc he feared it could get smaller -encouraged waiting a... READ MORE

What is this on my lip? (Photo)

Previously i Asked a question about two bumps on my upper top lip. Well one of them disappeared probably the day after i posted it . And I've been... READ MORE

Born with spot hyperatrophy lip tissue? (Photo)

I was born with a bump on my lip that resembles scar tissue that I would like to get removed. It is not significantly noticeable, but it is a cosmetic... READ MORE

Which lip procedure would be best?

My lip got busted open on my left side in Sept. 2014 and I didn't get stitches. It healed but my bruise from where my teeth cut my lip is still very... READ MORE

I bumped my lip 6 days after having fillers. Is it something i should worry about? (photos)

I had the lip augmentation procedure done 6 days ago, most visible swelling and bruising has gone. there is still very minor bumps. my lips are just... READ MORE

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