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Can I Do Lasik? My Cornea Thickness is 490 -488 Micron?

I decide to make lasik on both eyes doctor said everything is good except my cornea thikness was right eye 490 micron - left eye 488 micron can i make... READ MORE

What is the Ideal Corneal Thickness for -7.5 Prescription?

I am 28 and my prescription is -7 and -7.5 , after 2 days of not wearing contact lenses my cornea thickness was 490, I re checked after taking... READ MORE

Can LASIK or PRK Performed for Thin Cornea? I Have Corneal Thickness of 493 and 496. I'm Wearing Contact Lens for Past 6 Years.

Can LASIK or PRK performed for thin cornea?I have corneal thickness of 493 and 496. I'm wearing contact lens for past 6 years.I discontinued wearning... READ MORE

Is the Orbscan or Pentacam More Accurate for Determining if I'm a Good Candidate for LASIK?

I've been to 2 LASIK consultations. Both said that my corneas were thick. One surgeon used a Pentacam and said that I'm an excellent candidate for... READ MORE

I am considering Lasik. I have 498 and 506 micron corneas are they thick enough?

I am almost 40 yrs and have -2.0 in both eyes. They have been stable at -2.0 for 3 years. Had initial evaluation and told my corneas are borderline.... READ MORE

If I Have Thin Corneas (500 Micrometers), Large Pupils (8mm), Dry Eyes, Allergies, Can I Get Lasek?

I would like to get laser eye surgery to correct my vision (about -4.5 or -5.0 with a slight astigmatism). I am extremely concerned about... READ MORE

LASIK for -10.00 with Normal Shaped Eyes and Thicker then Average Cornea?

I have had 2 different LASIK consultations within the last month. Both DRs said I had think corneas and good shaped eyes. One DR said they couldnt get... READ MORE

Lasek enhancement: Should I have it done?

I had lasik treatment a year ago where i was -9.25 astigmatism -.50 left eye and -7.25 astigmatism -.50 right eye. After lasek my prescription is - 0... READ MORE

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