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Is Intralase Femtosecond Bladefree Lasik Safest for Dry Eyes?

I am 25,indian female,nearsighted since was 6.My refractive powers- left eye: myopic=-10.5 astigmatism= -2.5*170 axis.Right eye: myopic -5.5... READ MORE

Will Lasik Lead to Corneal Transplant?

Is it true that after Lasik/ PRK a patient is in very high risk of corneal transplant years after the procedure? There are stories of corneal... READ MORE

Is SMILE as accurate and safe as LASIK?

Hi there, because I have problems with dry eyes my surgeon has suggested ReLex SMILE rather than traditional LASIK. I've found conflicting reports... READ MORE

Why is There So Much Controversy About Laser Eye Surgery?

There are many websites to warn people about the dangers of laser vision correction. These sites basically say that Laser surgery damages every eye by... READ MORE

What are the Different Cons that Could Come Along with getting LASIK?

I've wanted custom wave-front LASIK for many years; my vision in both eyes is -3.75 and has remaind stable. Dr. says I'm a candidate; however... READ MORE

Does Lasik Eye Surgery is Safe in Age of 18?

I am an 18 yo girl living near San Diego California. I hear about Lasik Eye Surgery I just want to know is it safe in this age. READ MORE

Is LASIK a safe procedure?

Is lasik a safe procedure long term (25+ years)? READ MORE

Is it safe to get a chemical hair treatment before and after LASIK surgery?

I intend to get the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment soon, but want to make sure it doesn't affect the results of my LASIK procedure or the healing... READ MORE

Ideal Corneal Thickness; Can I go for Lasik surgery and is it safe?

I am of 24. I am having -4.25 Spherical and -1.00 Cylindrical for both eyes. Corneal thickness 515 for right eye and 516 for left eye. I don use... READ MORE

Eye drops during LASIK consultation causing irritation

My mother went to a doctor today to see if she is eligible for the LASIK procedure. She is and will go on Friday to get it done. They put eyedrops on... READ MORE

Is it safe to use an e-cigarette/vaporizer after Lasik surgery?

I had Lasik surgery 3 days ago and want to know if there would be any side effects on using an e-cigarette/vaporizer? When would it be safe to do so?... READ MORE

Is Lasik is safe for me?

Sir my right eye vision sphere is -6.25 cyl -0.50 axis 170 my left eye vision sphere is -6.50 cyl -0.50 axis 170 READ MORE

Is LASIK surgery safe for long term and does it require much in the doctor's workmanship while performing?

I am really concern about having LASIK surgery, mine are 11.0D and 12.5, I've been heard about those halos, dryness and most important-the infection... READ MORE

Is another lasik possible on thin cornea?

My cornea thickness is 465 and 460 RE&LE respct. had alrdy lasik before. is it safe to hv it done again. with power -1 & .50 of RE &LE. wud it have... READ MORE

Is Lasik safe in the long term (25+ years)? (photo)

Is lasik a safe procedure long term (25+ years)? The reason I ask is because one study i read comparing PRK to Lasik results said that the cornea was... READ MORE

Is it safe to travel by car after Laser treatment?

I am a diabetic and I had a laser treatment on both eyes. Is it ok to travel by car next week knowing that the temperature there is about 33 degrees .... READ MORE

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