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I Have Glares and Starbursts After Old Lasik Procedur, Is There a Way to Fix That?

All-laser Lasik is known to diminish the risk of nightime issues. I had a surgery using older methods (blade flap and laser without wavefront) and... READ MORE

I StilI Have a Ghosting Image in my Left Eye After 2 Lasik Treatment Revisions

I stilI have a ghosting image in my left eye after lasik treatment, my doctor redo the treatment 2 times and now i still have the problem, i... READ MORE

I Am 2 Weeks out After Lasik and my Near and Far Vision is Still Kind of Blurry. Is This Normal?

I am having difficulty reading letters on paper and on the computer, which is 90% of my work. I haven't seen much improvement, even though I've been... READ MORE

Maximum Delay for Lasik Re-treatment

Greetings. I underwent lasik 18 months ago, for mediocre results. One eye was over-corrected (it was myopic and became hypermetropic), and the other... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Have Revision Lasik to Address Reading Distance?

I had mono-vision lasik done about 10 years ago. My vision eye is still clear but my reading eye has gotten worse. Can I have the eye that was done... READ MORE

I am 32, can I do Lasik a second time or is PRK a better option?

I am 32 , i had lasik 4 years back and now my number comes again and i am wearing 1 number glasses in both eyes. my cornea thickness is 470... READ MORE

What can be done if your lasik enhancement was over corrected?

I had lasik about a year and 2 months ago. 2 days ago I had an enhancement. Before the enhancement the female doctor did my exam thought both should... READ MORE

I am having my 4th... yes 4th eye surgery this week. Should I be concerned?

I am having my 4th... yes 4th eye surgery this week. I have had LASIK in 2009, 2010 and PRK in December of 2013. After absolutely no change in my... READ MORE

Overcorrected after LASIK enhancement. Initial LASIK performed 17 years ago. When can I have the overcorrection revised?

I was way over corrected with an enhancement performed in Jan 2014. I am 50 so now can't see anything close up. Very frustrating. Then in June 2014... READ MORE

What % of Lasik Patients (Age 40+) Lose Their Corrected Vision (After 7+ Years) and Need Vision Correction Again?

Doctors all say about 1-3% of patients need to redo their laser surgery, who are within a 1-2 year period of having prior laser surgery. However, it... READ MORE

Do you think I need a LASIK enhancement surgery since my distance vision is still blurry?

I have my lasik surgery 2 months ago but still my distance vision is blurry and so i have checked my eyesight and it is found to be -0.5 on both the... READ MORE

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