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Dry Eye Causing Light Sensitivity After Lasik?

Had custom lasik 4 wks ago and am experiencing terrible dry eye, light sensitivity, and daytime glare. Is dry eye causing this? The light sensitivity... READ MORE

Right Eye Blurry After Lasik, Is This Normal? (photo)

I had lasik done five days ago and from day one, my right eye has been blurry both near and far( I see alot better through it than before lasik, but... READ MORE

Blurring After Lasik Normal?

I had mu lasik 2 weeks ago and i went to my follow up visit and my doctor said my vision is 20/20 but with sign test i had some blurring which i also... READ MORE

Eye Surgery and Blurred Vision? Options?

My Dad had surgery to his left eye 6 mos ago to remove scar tissue from a procedure done several years back. Before the surgery he had 20/20 vision,... READ MORE

Is it normal to be over corrected post lasek enhancement to +1.5?

I had LASIK surgery in both eyes in October 2012. I was -6.5 in the right and -6.75 in the left. My left eye only improved to -0.75, so in March 2014,... READ MORE

I had Lasik 8 months ago with a -5.75 SPH. now I have a -1.0 CYL (astigmatism). I still see star bursting. Is this normal?

I have remained very confused and concerned on my condition. Should I consider an enhancement? Will it help in fixing the star bursting that I'm... READ MORE

Is fluctuating vision 5 weeks after LASIK, normal?

I had interlace LASIK surgery 5 months ago. My vision still fluctuates in both eyes. Some days I have perfect vision and then about every 3rd day my... READ MORE

Light glare effect after lasik surgery. Is it normal?

My age is 25 and my both eyes number was -7 approx Now my eyes is 6/5 (better than 6/6) Mine right eye is perfect but noticing huge light glare effect... READ MORE

1 Month After Lasik, Both my Eyes with Myopoia (Short-sightness) Come Back by More 100+ Degree?

1 month after Lasik, both my eyes with myopoia (short-sightness) come back by 100+ degree adding to the target (my target for left eye is 125 and 0... READ MORE

Left eye vision not clear after femto lasik. Will it improve, or has it not been done correctly?

I got femto lasik done on 18th April 2014.I do have a clear vision with my right eye for long distance. But I have blurredness in my left eye when I... READ MORE

What is the average hertel measurement difference of the eyes?

I know that a difference under 2 mm is considered normal. Suppose that we take hertel measurements of all normal healthy people (with differences... READ MORE

post-lasik eye surgery, now my vision is blurry. Is this normal?

Hi had lazik eye surgery on may 2nd and sight was perfect a couple of days ago its very very blurry now is this normal READ MORE

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