Night Vision + LASIK

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Does LASIK Cause Night Vision to Change?

I'm almost convinced that I should go through with LASIK but I'm quite concerned about changes to my night vision, ie halos - how often does this side... READ MORE

Night Vision After Lasik

When does the night vision clear up after lasik. I had mine done by the Allegretto Wavelight Eye - Q. So far 7 weeks and bad night vision. I still... READ MORE

Not Able to Drive at Night After Lasik?

Its five days to my lasik .Near objects seems to be ok but farer are blurred I m not able to drive properly at night as lights expands in my eye.My... READ MORE

Help Reduce Halos After Lasik?

Are there scenarios where glare halos are more common for Lasik patients? Are they more common at night or daytime? What can be done to correct or... READ MORE

Inconsistent Vision and Night Vision Issues Post-LASIK, Is this Normal?

I had all laser LASIK 10 months ago and while much of the time I see 20/15 (was at my 6 month appt), my vision is inconsistent and eye dryness... READ MORE

10 days after my LASIK surgery, at night I have huge this normal? How much time is required for fully recovery?

There are 10 days passed of my lasic surgery but in night there are huge bluring.....its normal???? Howmuch time required for fully recovery???? READ MORE

2 weeks post op LASIK, I have blurry visions in dim light. Is this normal?

I had my Lasik performed on 11 July 2014 and it is now July 25. I have fluctuating vision and its really hazy in dim light and I cant drive at night... READ MORE

I Had my Lasik Done on 28/1/2013.. my Vision is Perfect, Becomes Blurry At Night, Normal?

When I look at the street lights or the car headlights.. the light becomes very blur and its very hard to drive.. The doc said that my vision is... READ MORE

Starbursts and halos 6 months after Lasik

I have strabrusts and halous after 6 months from having custom LASIK specially at night and my vision so good 20/20 READ MORE

1.5 years post op Lasik, my night vision is still bad and I see star bursting/ halos. Will I still see improvements?

I'm a 24 year old male who had custom wavefront lasik 1.5 years ago with prescription of 4.75 in both eyes (nearsighted). My night vision is still... READ MORE

1 mths post op Microkeratome lasik, my problems include: Eye Floaters, under correction, horrible night vision. Is this normal?

As suggested i consulted an Ophthalmic for my problems. He said there is no retinal tear and the eye floaters might have appeared due to suction ring... READ MORE

4 days post op, I have bad night vision and ghosting after LASIK. Is this normal?

I had wavefront custom lasix 4 days ago and im having terrible night vision especially with stop lights and some blurred vision and ghosting. Its more... READ MORE

Blade lasik done 1 month ago. Undercorrection in both the eyes. When can the enhancement be done in my current scenario ?

My dr said that enhancement can be done in 2 weeks from now when i go and see him.Another dr that i consulted said enhancement should not be done... READ MORE

Is lasik suitable for me? I have 7.88mm diameter size of pupil.

My pupil diameter is about 7.88mm definitely large than 6.5mm optical zone provided from Lasik surgeon. Will I have night vision issue? READ MORE

Almost 3 months post op, 20/20 now but still night vision problems. Is this normal?

I am now at 20/20 based on the letter test. however i still have night vision problems as bad as the first day of surgery. i mentioned this to my... READ MORE

Lasik Vision Reverted Back to Prior Vision Overnight?

I am 35 years old. I had Lasik performed when I was 21. It lasted 4 years, and then after taking Straterra for the first time, my vision reverted back... READ MORE

How long will it take for my night vision to improve and if not to go contacts really help with the issue?

4 months post op custom lasik. I haven't seen any improvement in halos/starburst. I see them during the day but are debilitating at night.alphagan eye... READ MORE

LASIK reduced my night vision about 9 years ago so I dont qualify for the cataract lens I want. Can my nightvision be enhanced?

About 9 years ago I had lasik and it reduced my night vision. It was noticeable but it really only caused me real problems when I would be in a very... READ MORE

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