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Can I Have PRK After LASIK?

My LASIK surgery was not entirely successful in correcting my nearsightedness; how common is it to have PRK after LASIK? READ MORE

Is Intralase Femtosecond Bladefree Lasik Safest for Dry Eyes?

I am 25,indian female,nearsighted since was 6.My refractive powers- left eye: myopic=-10.5 astigmatism= -2.5*170 axis.Right eye: myopic -5.5... READ MORE

I Am -2.25 Diopter in Nearsightness, Should I Get LASIK?

I am 24.should I go for lasik surgery?How about smile treatement? READ MORE

Lazy Eye and LASIK?

I have a lazy eye. Also, I have a strong level of nearsightness and astigmatism on that eye. I have no eye diseases or complications such as diabetes.... READ MORE

Blurry vision in both eyes 2 months after LASIK. Any suggestions?

I had LASIK 12/12/2014 in both eyes. I was -5.50 in both eyes with astigmatism pre-surgery. I am now about 20/30 in my right eye and 20/40 in my left.... READ MORE

Is LASIK safe & effective for high myopia? Does high myopia increase side effect likeliness/severity? Is 20/20 realistic for me?

Mid-20s. Stable vision 5+ years. Female. 10+ years wearing soft contacts. Good hygiene, but guilty of wearing contacts 16+ hrs/day, never when asleep.... READ MORE

I underwent LASIK on one of my eye (other is due) but near sight vision has become blurry, will it get better or stay permanent?

I underwent laser eye surgery 13 years ago, to ameliorate farsightedness, nearsightedness has always been perfect. The newly operated (LASIK 2 weeks... READ MORE

Is it possible to have LASIK for farsightedness after having LASIK twice for nearsightedness? I had LASIK in 1998 then 2005.

I need reading glasses now...1.75 I hate having to find my glasses for everything! I went to eye dr to see about getting one contact, but because of... READ MORE

I'm suffering from blurred vision followed by doubled vision in one eye. What is THE actual problem and what should I do?

I have nearsightness in right eye of 1.75 and ( 0 or .25 ) in left eye for the last four year . i am facing problem only in left eye . first i faced... READ MORE

Will I qualify for lasik surgery?

I am 23 years old and I am very nearsighted My prescription is.-14.00on my L And -14.5 on my R eye. Currently I using proclear contacts due to thr... READ MORE

LASIK enhancement

I had LASIK 2005 for myopia, both eyes. 6 years later my vision was getting bad again, I got offered LASEK enhancement. I did my right eye 2 years... READ MORE

I'm nearsighted. Am I a good candidate for lasik?

My right eye is -10 and -4.25 astigmatism also my left is -7 and 3.25 astigmatism would i be a candidate for lasik or lasek if my eyes are healthy... READ MORE

Is lasik good for small correction?

I have done a eye examination 6 month ago, I have some small Nearsightedness and this is the prescription : Right(SPH:1.25, VIA:1), Left(SPH:0.75,... READ MORE

Will she be the right candidate for Lasik?

My daughter is 7 years old and has a lazy eye in her right eye with a very severe nearsightedness (-12+1.5x073). She is undergoing patching treatment... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Trouble Looking at a Computer 6 Days After Lasik?

Hi. I had Lasik surgery 6 days ago. I was nearsighted and never had any issues reading or looking at a computer screen. Now I can see distance really... READ MORE

Lasik 5 days ago for nearsightedness. Vision was really good on two occasions, but went back to blurry. Is this normal?

I had Lasik 6 days ago. I was nearsighted (-7.5 contacts). On 2 occasions my eyesight was near perfect but then went back to blurry. Is that an... READ MORE

Am I able to get lasik with my astigmatism?

I am very near-sited (-4.75 & -5.25 I think). But my astigmatism in my left eye is 3.25 and my right eye is 4. Is that too severe for lasik? I've... READ MORE

Blurry vision after LASIK. Can anyone help me with some information?

Hi. I´d lasik surgery for nearsightedness for 6 days. Until now I haven´t significant improvement. In the last 4 days, I´ve agreed whit good... READ MORE

Is my cornea thickness eligible for Lasik? Am I a good candidate?

I have cornea thickness - 523mm and 519mm for left and right respectively. Left eye: Shortsightedness: 8.25D, Astigmatism: 2.25D Right eye:... READ MORE

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