Monovision + LASIK

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Can You Have Regular Lasik and then Change to Mono Vision Lasik?

Can You Have Regular Lasik and then Change to Mono Vision Lasik? READ MORE

Should I Have Mono Vision at Age of 38?

I'm 38 and I already had one eye LASIK 2 weeks ago which I obtain 20/20 vision. I have problem seeing close. If I do Lasik on the the remaining eye... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Lasik and Have Good Monovision, But Redness Seems To Be Getting Worse?

I am 3 weeks postoop lasik and have good monovision. I use lubricant but sometimes have gone 2-3 when real busy without. My vision is good but redness... READ MORE

Decent Distance Vision but Poor Close Vision with Monovision Surgery?

Ten days ago I had Wavefront Lasik on both eyes. I opted for Monovision. My distance vision is fine but my reading vision is useless (for reading). I... READ MORE

I had LASIK surgery a week ago and my vision is still blurry

I had lasik surgery a week ago. I did mono vision correction. Right now none of my vision is clear. Not reading and not far and driving at night is... READ MORE

I had a mono-vision procedure done 5 ears ago. I'm 68 yrs old. My visions is not accurate. Is this normal?

When I am playing tennis I loose the ball as some of the issue of exactly where the ball is ,is not accurate, When I drive the cars appear to have a... READ MORE

Post-Op LASIK Vision - Clear Shapes, Soft Letters & Numbers?

I am 2 weeks post-op from monovision LASIK. Left eye vision (reading) is perfect. In right eye (distance), shapes are clear, but edges around letters... READ MORE

Should I get Monovision?

I am a 40 years old female and had PRK 18 Years ago and now want to do a second surgery. Do not require reading glasses at the present. Have been... READ MORE

Can vision keep improving if not 20/20 yet two weeks after LASIK?

I had monovision lasik two weeks ago tomorrow. I was not seeing 20/20 at my one week follow up which the surgeon said was due to a very dry right eye.... READ MORE

Had Lasik in one eye 5 weeks ago and its still not clear. Any suggestions?

Hi there. I had Lasik and Lasek 6 and 5 weeks ago. Left eye went well with LASIK (with mono vision), but when the surgeon cut the right eye flap, it... READ MORE

LASIK 21 Yr Old, Aspiring RAF Pilot. left eye S+0.25 C-0.50 right eye S+1.50 C-1.25

Could you please advise me. Ive seen consultant and upon receiving the eye drops he said that my hyperopia rose to a 4.5D. He suggested LASIK... READ MORE

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