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3D Laser Lasik Eye Surgery with a High Myopia and High Astigmatism, How Long does it Take to Heal?

My husband had 3D laser lasik eye surgery with a high myopia and high astigmatism. 2 days post op he is 20/50 OS and 20/80 OD. He didn't have a... READ MORE

If Dry Eyes Still Persist, What Could Have Happened During Lasik to Cause It?

Should I try a different kind of eye drop if my dry eyes are still a problem 4 months after Lasik? Are my eyes still healing, is that why they are... READ MORE

Is It True That the Longer You Have Post-Lasik Dry Eye, the More Likely It Will Be Permanent?

I was told that Lasik healing time is 3-6 months. It is now over a year later (13 months to be exact) and I still have post lasik dry-eye. I hear it... READ MORE

Had Bladeless LASIK 17 Days Ago. Right Eye is Very Dry. How Long Will This Last?

Had bladeless LASIK 17 days ago. Right eye is still very dry. Using Refresh lubricating drops every hour, or half hour. Never really had dry eyes... READ MORE

Do warm compresses after Lasik help speed up healing of the eye?

Will using a warm compress one to two times a day speed healing of the eyes after Lasik? I had Lasik one month ago and one of my eyes is perfect, but... READ MORE

Can a Lasik Flap Ever Heal to Its Pre Operative State?

Can a ilasik flap ever heal to its pre opeartive state? If not, to what degree does it heal? READ MORE

2 weeks post op LASIK, I have blurry visions in dim light. Is this normal?

I had my Lasik performed on 11 July 2014 and it is now July 25. I have fluctuating vision and its really hazy in dim light and I cant drive at night... READ MORE

Is It True That Lasik Healing Can Take Many Years?

I was advised by my laser surgeon that corneal healing after lasik takes a number of years, any interruption in this process ie drug induced dryness... READ MORE

How Corneal Flap heal after Lasik?

How does corneal flap heals after Lasik? Does it heal only at the edges or the entire flap under surface heals and attaches itself back to the treated... READ MORE

Recreational drugs post-IntraLASIK

A friend asked me inquire on Cocaine and MDMA use two weeks after Intralase surgery. Would they have any significant effect on the eyes or the healing... READ MORE

I had LASIK almost 3 weeks ago it's still a little blurry and I have no distance definition is that a part of healing?

I was near sighted. I had the plugs put in & I still feel dry a lot of times. I can see but nothing is defined or clear. Still blurry most of the time... READ MORE

Is it safe to get a chemical hair treatment before and after LASIK surgery?

I intend to get the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment soon, but want to make sure it doesn't affect the results of my LASIK procedure or the healing... READ MORE

Blurry vision in both eyes 2 months after LASIK. Any suggestions?

I had LASIK 12/12/2014 in both eyes. I was -5.50 in both eyes with astigmatism pre-surgery. I am now about 20/30 in my right eye and 20/40 in my left.... READ MORE

Concerned about blurry vision up close and sometimes even far away after Lasik surgery 4 weeks ago. Any suggestion?

I had Lasik vision correction on 2/13/15 (just over 4 weeks ago) for farsightedness and astigmatism. The first few days after surgery were the... READ MORE

10 days post op LASIK, I have haloes and starburst around street lights and any lighting object. Is it a part of healing process

Recently i hd undergone lasik surgery around 10 days ago, earlier i hd asked a question abt blurry vision after lasik while reading though distance... READ MORE

Inflammation in Right Eye After LASIK How Long Does It Take to Heal It is 8 Days Later and Vision on Right Eye Blur?

My right eye doc indicates has inflammation his happy with progress my problem is world s blurred from my right eye more or less how long does eye... READ MORE

How long it takes to heal the flaps or does it ever heals?

Hi I am from India and had customized lasik around 1.5 months back. During regular follow up check up, My doctor was concerned for epithelial ingrowth... READ MORE

Does the corneal flap heal with LASIK? Can you cite source?

I read the corneal flap never heals, but then i also read it heals with weaker scar tissue.Is anything people developed in the near future to force... READ MORE

I had LASIK surgery done about 11 months ago. I am still experiencing painful dry eyes. Is this likely permanent?

I had LASIK done just under a year ago. I still experience dry eyes which cause pain & redness. I have done everything the doctor suggested, including... READ MORE

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