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Lasik Vs Lasek

 Am 49 Years Old and Wear Bi-focals. I don't really care about seeing things at a distance but would love to be able to read or watch... READ MORE

Not Dependent on Glasses. Is My Vision Stabilized?

I stopped using my eye glasses for extended period of time. During the years I havent seen any changes in my vision. Would my eye considered to by... READ MORE

ORK (LASIK) Done One Month Ago, Now I Still Have Blurry Vision, is This Normal?

I was short sighted. now my optometrist told me I have long sight power +0.5 and astigmatism 0.75 on both eyes which cause the blurry vision. my night... READ MORE

Do I Need Lasik?

Points: Glasses since HIgh school to read board Leaves in trees and signs are clearer with glasses, but only wear in class at school Tested in Japan... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Lasik?

I am + 3.0 in my L eye and -1.5 in my left eye. The disparity makes it hard for me to wear glasses so I only use contacts. I also have an astigmatism.... READ MORE

LASIK - should I get an enhancement?

I had LASIK (OD +3.25/-2.5x10 and OS +3.25/-3x152) and got a decent outcome (20/20 each eye but not crisp) Getting headaches from working on computer.... READ MORE

Can You Have Mono Vision Lasix Correction and Change to Regular Lasix Later?

I'm not entirely sure about mono vision, i've tried the glasses and contacts but not entirely convinced. Wondering if i did get mono vision could i... READ MORE

Can Extended Exposure to a Balance Lens Weaken Your Eye You Are Not Using?

I was out of my RGP lenses for at least 2 months, My left eye was correctable with contacts but I had a balance lens in my glasses. I was eligible for... READ MORE

Is Orthokeratology Good?

Hey recently I am wearing glasses and I have like around 1 because I can't see the things far so good and the people told me that there are... READ MORE

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