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Lasik Eye Surgery While Breastfeeding

I am a breastfeeding mom who considers lasik eye surgery. I know that vision can change during pregnancy, but does the same apply to breastfeeding? Is... READ MORE

Lasik and Menopause

1'm 46, menopausal, have had 30 yrs of contacts, have thick corneas (-7,-8) While I'm scheduled for surgery soon, I'm afraid. Will I have... READ MORE

Vision Correction Options for High Hyperopia and Some Astigmatism?

I'm a 23 year old female with a glasses prescription of +600 / -025 x 15 and +750 / -175 x 168. My vision is something that has affected me my whole... READ MORE

Is Intralase Femtosecond Bladefree Lasik Safest for Dry Eyes?

I am 25,indian female,nearsighted since was 6.My refractive powers- left eye: myopic=-10.5 astigmatism= -2.5*170 axis.Right eye: myopic -5.5... READ MORE

Lasik 4 Years Ago and Now Perimenopausal and Experiencing Burning Dry Eyes?

I am a 48 year old female and had lasik eye surgery 4 years ago. After the lasik eye surgery I had to use drops however no significant eye dryness... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for high myopia and thin cornea? PRK or LASIK or LASEK?

I am 27 years old female. My prescription is around -10 for both eyes. Corneal thickness around 504 both eyes. Yes, pretty thin for my prescription. I... READ MORE

I'm a 45yr old female & vision had gotten slightly worse every year since 16. Can I get LASIK if my vision is still changing?

. It has not yet stabilized. I'm not sure of my glasses prescription but for my contacts, I wear a 7.5 in my left eye and have a slight astigmatism... READ MORE

Treatment option for high myopia besides LASIK

I am 23 years lady. i have high myopia (-8.50 D ). Doctors say i have 'thin' cornea n my eye can't be corrected fully by LASIK (may be upto -3.00... READ MORE

What option is best for me, I am starting a new job, and need to have at least 20/200 vision without glasses or contacts?

It is a lifeguarding job so I will be in water constantly, (salt water.) I am 21 years old female, but don't know if my sight has been stable as have... READ MORE

Best Eye Surgery for Me - 41 Yo Female?

I have -5.0 Rx. my cornea thickness is around 550-560. I have flat corneas (K around 42). I think my Pupils are 4.7mm? What type of procedure would... READ MORE

Is this normal? Does the recovery time take much time when you have a wrinkled cornea? Why am I not seeing clearly?

Dear Doctor I'm a 21 years old girl I have had Myopia and Astigmatism in both eyes since the age of 6 and i have been wearing glasses ever since I... READ MORE

Does LASIK using a 90 micrometer flap on thin corneas present particular risks?

I am a 48, female and have corneal thickness of 483 and 490 prescription, r sph-3, cyl -350, 20 axis, left -2.25 sph, cyl -3.75, 152 axis. At free... READ MORE

I worried about having femtolasik surgery. Do u recommend me to have the surgery now or postpone it ?

Hello doctors, I'm 20 years old female , I'd to have femtolasik surgery , I'm in med school and I will have to study alot next , and will pass through... READ MORE

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