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LASIK and Farsightedness

Hello! I'm 25 years old, was born farsighted and currently wearing +4.5 diopter eyeglasses. Lately I was suffering from various symptoms due to... READ MORE

42 and +5 Hyperopia - What Are my Options?

I've been farsighted since my teens. I started in the 2-3 Diopter range as a teen, and now I am +3.75 in my dominant eye and +5.00 in my... READ MORE

Vision Correction Options for High Hyperopia and Some Astigmatism?

I'm a 23 year old female with a glasses prescription of +600 / -025 x 15 and +750 / -175 x 168. My vision is something that has affected me my whole... READ MORE

Lasik Vs Lasek

 Am 49 Years Old and Wear Bi-focals. I don't really care about seeing things at a distance but would love to be able to read or watch... READ MORE

Lasik Surgery for High Farsightedness?

I am 48 and considering wave-front lasik surgery to correct my farsightedness.I currently wear progressive glasses at +4.25. I have a lot of cornea... READ MORE

Decent Distance Vision but Poor Close Vision with Monovision Surgery?

Ten days ago I had Wavefront Lasik on both eyes. I opted for Monovision. My distance vision is fine but my reading vision is useless (for reading). I... READ MORE

Reversed Vision After Lasik?

I'm 49 yrs old. Before my lasik I can see close without glasses and need glasses to see far. After my lasik this was reversed. Now I can see far... READ MORE

Complex Eye Prescription - Treatment Options?

My eye prescription is complex - extremely high astigmatism and long-sightedness. I get fatigued, daily headaches, an inability to focus properly, and... READ MORE

Re Blurry Eyes After Lasik?

I am far sighted... i am so worrried over my vision.. pls help i had lasik four days ago.. car and street lights look blurry and at home the lights... READ MORE

I have a very high level of farsightedness (+9 in my left eye, +8 in my right eye) as well as astigmatism. Can I get LASIK?

Is it possible for me to have the surgery to at least drastically reduce my level of eye care needed? I received a LASIK screening and the doctor... READ MORE

can I have a lasek surgery second time after 6 months of first surgery, as my far vision is not fully corrected?

I had around 7 sight before first surgery, in 3 month span after surgery it decreased to 2.5. As its not corrected to zero or near to that, i wanted... READ MORE

I underwent LASIK on one of my eye (other is due) but near sight vision has become blurry, will it get better or stay permanent?

I underwent laser eye surgery 13 years ago, to ameliorate farsightedness, nearsightedness has always been perfect. The newly operated (LASIK 2 weeks... READ MORE

Is it possible to have LASIK for farsightedness after having LASIK twice for nearsightedness? I had LASIK in 1998 then 2005.

I need reading glasses now...1.75 I hate having to find my glasses for everything! I went to eye dr to see about getting one contact, but because of... READ MORE

How long for farsightedness to become clearer with higher prescription?

I got lasik done 6 days back (I know it's still quite early & I'm being impatient but am worried). My prescription being 6.5-7 I understand it might... READ MORE

LASIK surgery for farsightedness. Is reasonable to expect a better vision than the current wearing glasses?

I'm 35 years old, using constantly +2.75 glasses for more than 10 years. I have real problems focusing on close objects or small and medium fonts... READ MORE

Lasik and Eyelid Laser Resurfacing at Same Time?

Hi I'm 26 years old, i have droopy eyelid heredity. I am also farsighted so my question is that if can to Lasik and laser eyelid resurfacing both at... READ MORE

I have blurry vision in one eye after a month of lasik. Is this normal?

Hi, Its been a month that i have had my Lasik on both eyes. i was far sighted. I have had a lot of improvements and i cn see almost perfectly and i am... READ MORE

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