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What is the Ideal Age to Have Lasik Eye Surgery?

At what age should you be before you undergo Lasik Eye Surgery to correct your vision? Is there any sort of age requirement or age limit to have laser... READ MORE

Wearing Contact Lenses for Short Time Before Lasik?

I am considering Lasik and am going to make an appointment for a consultation this week.My question is, I have not worn contacts for months but wore... READ MORE

Left Eye may have changed -.25 just before lasik, is this a problem?

Im 35 and had lasik a month ago. I had stable vision for just about two years prior to the procedure (L -6.0, R -4.5) with a slight astigmatism (.25... READ MORE

Eye sight fluctuations 2 weeks after LASIK. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had LASIK 3 weeks ago my left eye instantly became perfect and my right eye was kind of blurry but two days ago I woke up and suddenly my right eye... READ MORE

PRK or Lasik for high myopia and large pupil?

I am unable to decide which procedure is best for my eyes and have gone through consultations with mixed result. One yes for PRK and two for Lasik. I... READ MORE

6 months post op LASIK, will my eyes sight get normal after corneal abruption?

I had laser surgery in both eye on jan 30 2015, later on feb 2015 i got injury in cornea when applying drops in eye after lasik eye surgery later... READ MORE

post-lasik eye surgery, now my vision is blurry. Is this normal?

Hi had lazik eye surgery on may 2nd and sight was perfect a couple of days ago its very very blurry now is this normal READ MORE

Is surface ablation or lasik or relex smile is suitable for me? (photo)

Surface ablation or relex smile..which one is good for me..hello i m 26 year old , my eyesight is -1.5,o.50 cyld right eye , -1.25 0.50 cyld left eye... READ MORE

How do you improve your eyesight naturally without wearing glasses or contact lenses as it just worsens the eyesight

Im on minus 2 and hoping for help to get it on a positive number. Naturally if possible please and if there is no other way do i have to go for lasik... READ MORE

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