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IntraLase Lasik Vs Traditional Lasik

My friend just underwent lasic eye surgery but using a new technique called Intralase. She told me that intralase was better than lasik. She really... READ MORE

How Long Does Lasik Results Last?

I am 24 y/o and considering doing Lasik! Is it a one time procedure? Am I too young to get it? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Fly After Lasik Surgery?

I am considering Lasik surgery and have an upcoming vacation that will keep me away from too much eye strain for at least a week, which I hear is... READ MORE

With a Prescription of -10.5, Am I a Candidate for Lasik?

I keep hearing two different opinions: one that it's OK and people with higher prescriptions had Lasik done and have perfect vision now, and the other... READ MORE

Too Old for Lasik?

Is there an age at which Lasik would be ill advised because you might still need glasses to correct age-related eye issues, or does Lasik preclude... READ MORE

How to Treat Red Spots After Lasik

I had Lasik a week ago. More than half of one eye and one fourth of the other is covered in deep redness. The doctor said this is a side effect of the... READ MORE

Taking Contacts out 24 Hours Before Lasik Surgery, Too Soon?

I had an evaluation to see if I am a Lasik candidate yesterday. They instructed me to take my contacts out for 24 hours before the appointment. They... READ MORE

Correcting Astigmatism with Intralase with Lasik?

I am going to be getting the Intralase with wave-guided Lasik with the Visx Star4 laser. The astigmatism is at a cylinder 3.75 and 2.75 in the other... READ MORE

Will I Need Reading Glasses After Lasik?

Is there anything that can be done before or during Lasik to prevent the need for reading glasses? READ MORE

Is LASIK a Good Way to Correct Presbyopia?

What makes a good candidate for correcting presbyopia with LASIK? READ MORE

Allergy Drops After Lasik?

After having Lasik to correct astigmatism, when can I continue using prescription eye drops for dry eyes and allergies after Lasik? READ MORE

Very Large Pupils and Lasik Surgery

What do most lasik surgeons consider very large pupils? I've read the pupil dilates naturally at night from 5-8 mm. Can it get bigger than that?... READ MORE

Are TLC Lasik Doctors the Best for Laser Eye Surgery?

I am looking for a laser eye surgeon to do Bladeless LASIK. Is TLC the best lasik clinic. TLC has really attractive financing avail, so would be... READ MORE

Starbursting 1 Month After Lasik

I had lasik done one month ago and still having starbursting. How long will it take to clear up? And what could be causing it? READ MORE

What effect does wearing a contact have on your cornea before Lasek?

Hi I'm 25 years old and I have been wearing soft contact lenses for about 5 years.I want to know that does it effect on cornea diameter and... READ MORE

Dose Cold Weather Affect Post Lasik Situation and Cause Red Eyes?

I had Lasik 4 weeks ago and my eyes are still kind of red.It is not red all the time but sometimes it is really red. It doesn’t hurt that much... READ MORE

Is Lasik Surgery a Good Investment?

I was comparing costs of contacts, glasses and LASIK. In my situation the bifocals and frames with coated lenses are quite expensive. I understand... READ MORE

If Dry Eyes Still Persist, What Could Have Happened During Lasik to Cause It?

Should I try a different kind of eye drop if my dry eyes are still a problem 4 months after Lasik? Are my eyes still healing, is that why they are... READ MORE

LASIK Enhancement Surgery

Why would LASIK Enhancement Surgery be needed? Is there an additional cost? READ MORE

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