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What Kind of Eye Drops Are Needed After Lasik Eye Surgery?

How often are they needed during the day? On average, how long will I need to use eye drops after Lasik? Weeks, months? READ MORE

Lasik and Eye Allergy. Can I Get Lasik While I'm On Eyedrops?

I've been wearing lenses for 10 years( that never hurt me) and i got allergic conjunctivitis for 7 days i'm now on patanol and steroid and my... READ MORE

If Dry Eyes Still Persist, What Could Have Happened During Lasik to Cause It?

Should I try a different kind of eye drop if my dry eyes are still a problem 4 months after Lasik? Are my eyes still healing, is that why they are... READ MORE

Is there a limit to how much artificial tears (preservative free) you can use in a day after Lasik?

Hi, I just underwent Lasik 10 days ago. My opthamologist told me I can use as much artificial tears as I want. I read some articles say it's OK and... READ MORE

Will not using my prescribed eyedrops after LASIK affect the healing process and will my vision be unclear forever?

I went through a customised lasik eye treatment 2 weeks ago. I started working on a computer two days after. Due to my busy work schedules i forgot... READ MORE

How long will eyes be dry and cloudy after Lasik?

Had Lasik 12/21/13 left eye still cloudy its like looking out of a dirty contact lense and eyes very dry even after applying lubercating eye drops.... READ MORE

LASIK Eye Surgery?

Had Lasek eye sugery on both eyes - left eye in 04/12 - right eye 06/12. Vision in left eye took a long time to settle but in july i had 20/20 vision... READ MORE

Do I Have to Be Selective on Choosing Eye Medication After Lasik Surgery?

I had Lasik surgery on both eye three years ago, lately one of my eyes has the feeling of swollen , just like the time that i had infection. However,... READ MORE

4 months after LASIK and vision is at -1.00 and still see star bursting. What's the likelihood that I'll require an enhancement?

The doctor conducted a cornea topography and stated that there is no reason why I shouldn't see perfectly with the shape of current cornea. (This is... READ MORE

What drops I can use for my eyes, if i had a lasic two years ago?

I had a lasic on my both eyes two years ago. I think I have got an infection now, please advise what drops I can or I can not use. Is there any of... READ MORE

What can be done if the eye sight is not rectified even after a Lasik treatment and a re-enhancement?

I underwent a Lasik treatment about 3 months back. After the treatment, I could clearly see through the right eye but not through the left eye. My... READ MORE

I have blurry vision in reader eye 5 weeks after blade lasik. Any suggestions?

Can only read 12 in away and blurriness occurs beyond that distance. .i had wrinkles in that eye day after lasik and were straightened out under... READ MORE

Eye drops during LASIK consultation causing irritation

My mother went to a doctor today to see if she is eligible for the LASIK procedure. She is and will go on Friday to get it done. They put eyedrops on... READ MORE

What are some ways to treat dry eye post-Lasik? I

What are Some ways to treat dry eye post-Lasik? I have tried Restasis and eye drops but are plugs helpful? READ MORE

Im allergic to cortisone eye drops. Can I do LASIK?

Can I do it? Cortisone eye drops cause my eye pressure to rise so my doctor said im allergic to it. I went to a laisk doctor he said we will need... READ MORE

50 days after my femto lasik surgery, I got red eye with severe irritation. Does my flap got dislocated?

50 days after my femto lasik surgery, i got red eye with severe irritation, unconsiously i started rubbing the eyes while sleeping, consulted a... READ MORE

Can vision keep improving if not 20/20 yet two weeks after LASIK?

I had monovision lasik two weeks ago tomorrow. I was not seeing 20/20 at my one week follow up which the surgeon said was due to a very dry right eye.... READ MORE

Why am I am seeing glares and bursting of lights 4 years after lasik? Mucus is deposited around eye.

I have tried most of the drops earlier before this problem started I used hydroxypropyl methylcellulose eye drops. After this problem I was using... READ MORE

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