Double Vision + LASIK

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Daytime Glare and Double Vision After Lasik

I had Lasik surgery March 3rd. My vision is now 20/20 in both eyes. Since surgery I have c/o glare and double vision in my R eye. My issues have... READ MORE

Double Vision 2.5 Months After Lasik

2.5 months after Lasik operation, I am still seeing double and blurry image. Worst at indoor and at night. Doctor told me that it is due to poorer... READ MORE

Blurry Vision and Double Image After 2 Months Lasik Operation

I am into my 40s and had my Lasik operation 2 months ago. I am not able to read road sign clearly when I drive, worse when I am in basement carpark. I... READ MORE

Glare, Starbursts, Double Vision (Day and Night) @ 16 Months Post LASIK. DC Area.

Had LASIK 16mths ago and suffer from GASH & ghosting. Gets worse in low light but there's lots of glare during DAY (from headlights). Ghosting... READ MORE

Ghosting after lasik? (photo)

I had Lasik about one month I noticed that I was seeing shadows or double vision of the object that I am looking at just in my right eye ( I see 2... READ MORE

I Had Lasik Done in Both Eyes. Week Later I See Double on my Right Eye?

Had lasik done on august 23 2012. Week later I poked my right eye with a blink bottle . Made my right Ey irritated and watery. Next day I see double... READ MORE

Side Effects of Lasik?

Had LASIK 1.5mths ago and suffer from doble vision in right eye at night. Gets worse in low light . This problem under normal lighting is also very... READ MORE

Almost one month after LASIK, still double vision? Is this normal?

I was told ill get my vision in around 2weeks,i did, but was double vision and blur everywhere, so someone told me ppl w/ astigmatism should be around... READ MORE

2 months post-op LASIK, still ghosting/double vision in one eye. Is this normal?

So,I am currently 2 month post-op LASEK and still experiencing ghosting or double vision on 1 eye,its been on this eye for quite a while now...never... READ MORE

1 months post op epi lasik, I notice I'm having double vision. Is this normal?

I had epi Lasik about one month I noticed that I was seeing shadow or double vision of the object that I am looking at just in my left told... READ MORE

Why there is Double vision in right eye after one month of Lasik??

I had lasik eyes surgery one month before on 20th jan 2015, i am having double vision in my right eye which is more worse in dim light seems to b in... READ MORE

Ghosting, both eyes, after repeated LASIK. Will it improve?

After 3-1/2 years ,3 LASIK treatments left eye, 4 LASIK enhancements right eye, (both astigmatism distance vision) the ghosting both my eyes still... READ MORE

I'm suffering from blurred vision followed by doubled vision in one eye. What is THE actual problem and what should I do?

I have nearsightness in right eye of 1.75 and ( 0 or .25 ) in left eye for the last four year . i am facing problem only in left eye . first i faced... READ MORE

Is there any hope for my eyes after major lasik complications? (Photo)

I decided to undergo Lasik in July 2013. I had Customized Zyoptix lasik Today, I heavy glare/halo/double vision/starbusting. Tried alphagan drops but... READ MORE

I Undergone Lasik After 6years I Have Double Vision Starburst Any Remedy?

After 6years as I have sit on computr during night times I developed glare .starburst and double vision using spects concern is abot... READ MORE

Double Vision !! Help

3 weeks after an attempt at lasik surgery I am still seeing double . My procedure was abandoned because a incomplete flap was made . The hinge of the... READ MORE

1 year post op LASIK, is the double vision curable?

Had c-lasik one year i can not see from both eye clr......dr. says that i have 6/6 vision.....when i see in a small whole i see very clr..... READ MORE

Eyes want to go crosseyed/double vision mode when focusing for long periods of time after LASIK.

Had lasik surgery 10 months ago. 20/20 both eyes. Got floaters especially in right eye afterward. Right eye has taken longer to heal. Biggest concern-... READ MORE

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