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Hazy, Unclear Post-op Lasik Vision

I had Lasik six days ago. Since the surgery, I have not had any periods of sharp, clear vision. I cannot read signs while I am driving, I have to get... READ MORE

Could I Get Myopia Back 6 Years After C Lasik?

I had C lasik done in 2005, have vision issues again it seems. I have difficulty in reading distant things. Vision is Blur for a distance.Please... READ MORE

Lasik Complications

What are the most common complications following lasik surgery? how often do complications occur? READ MORE

Can I Have PRK After LASIK?

My LASIK surgery was not entirely successful in correcting my nearsightedness; how common is it to have PRK after LASIK? READ MORE

IFS Intralase Vs. Lasik - Will IFS Reduce Risk of Complications?

A eye clinic near me is promoting iFS intralase for vision correction. their ads say iFS is safer and faster than Lasik because its the latest... READ MORE

LASIK and Sensivity to Contact Lenses

Hello, I have weared contact lenses for years, until my left eye developed a chronic sensitivity towards contact lenses. I have tried various kinds of... READ MORE

Will LASIK Reshaping of my Cornea Lessen my Risk for Cataracts?

Cataracts run in my family, and I was wondering if LASIK surgery lessens the risk I will develop cataracts at a later date. How likely is it I will... READ MORE

3 Worst Lasik Complications

I am fearful of lasik and wonder what's the worst potential outcome. I know one bad complication could be a irreversibly scarred cornea which... READ MORE

Why is There So Much Controversy About Laser Eye Surgery?

There are many websites to warn people about the dangers of laser vision correction. These sites basically say that Laser surgery damages every eye by... READ MORE

ORK (LASIK) Done One Month Ago, Now I Still Have Blurry Vision, is This Normal?

I was short sighted. now my optometrist told me I have long sight power +0.5 and astigmatism 0.75 on both eyes which cause the blurry vision. my night... READ MORE

What is the likelihood of developing Ectasia years after lasik (bladeless) refractive surgery?

I had custom refractive surgery done 2 weeks ago. My vision is fine, and I am not experiencing any sort of complication. However, I'm very regretful... READ MORE

I'm interested in blepharoplasty for both upper / lower eyelids. I'm also interested in having LASIK for vision. Considerations?

I'd want Lasik first, before doing lids, so that I see without glasses after doing eyelids surgery... but I don't know how these two separate... READ MORE

Does Cataract Surgery After Hyperopic LASIK Pose Risks to my Eyesight?

Is it safe to have cataract surgery after LASIK has reshaped my cornea? Are there other options? READ MORE

I understand these complications are rare beyond 6 months but what percentage of these complications become permanent?

I have terrible glares, halos, and photosensitivity since lasik which was performed 8 months ago. It is affecting my work terribly. I have seen 3... READ MORE

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