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Lasek Vs. Lasik: Pros and Cons

My research of laser eye surgery has found that most doctors appear to strongly prefer Lasek over Lasik becs with LASEK you don't have to relift... READ MORE

Lasik Plus Vs Wavefront Lasik

Not sure i understand how each lasik is different.  cheers READ MORE

Can I Have PRK After LASIK?

My LASIK surgery was not entirely successful in correcting my nearsightedness; how common is it to have PRK after LASIK? READ MORE

Is SMILE as accurate and safe as LASIK?

Hi there, because I have problems with dry eyes my surgeon has suggested ReLex SMILE rather than traditional LASIK. I've found conflicting reports... READ MORE

Given the chance of corneal haze after PRK, is it better to have Lasik?

And if I go with PRK rather than Lasik, what is the best treatment for the haze? READ MORE

What is Difference Between Advanced CustomVue Wavefront & IFS 150 Intralase?

In UK there are these 2 as the top 2 options asides from standard Lasik/Lasek and I wanted to know what difference is before deciding whether it would... READ MORE

Lasek Vs. Lasik for High Myopia

If you are a good candidate for both procedures, which is preferred for patients with high myopes (greater the -7.00). i would like a definitive... READ MORE

IFS Intralase Vs. Lasik - Will IFS Reduce Risk of Complications?

A eye clinic near me is promoting iFS intralase for vision correction. their ads say iFS is safer and faster than Lasik because its the latest... READ MORE

Lasik Vs Lasek

 Am 49 Years Old and Wear Bi-focals. I don't really care about seeing things at a distance but would love to be able to read or watch... READ MORE

Custom LASIK Vs Conventional Lasik

Someone told me they had a "Custom" LASIK procedure done. Why would someone need Custom Lasik vs a Conventional LASIK procedure? READ MORE

Am I Less Likely to Have Dry Eyes After Having Prk or Lasik Surgery?

If this is a common side effect of both, which procedure has a faster recovery time? READ MORE

Lasik Vs Prk on High Prescription (-9) and Borderline Cornea (548 Microns)?

I've had 2 opinions for my -9 prescription and 548 corneas. Which would be a better procedure for me - Lasik or PRK? One doc recommended PRK and the... READ MORE

If I'm a good candidate for either LASIK or PRK, which would you recommend?

My doctor said I'm a perfectly good candidate for either procedure. She said the choice was mine, but personally recommended PRK because it's a more... READ MORE

Which is suitable for me: LASIK, Femto LASIK, ReLEx Smile or PRK?

I have myopia of -7.00, -6.50 in right and left eyes with -1.25, -1.25 astigmatism, age 26. I have 524nm, 525nm cornea thickness . topography normal... READ MORE

One Recommended PRK, One Lasik?

I went to two consultations for Lasik and both doctors have different opinions. One recommended PRK and one recommended Lasik. How do I know which one... READ MORE

I have -5.75 in both eyes with a cornea that is 475. ICL, LASEK, or PRK?

I have been to two consultations with one doctor telling me that I should only have ICL, which is very expensive and another telling me to get PRK,... READ MORE


I have -8 D in one eye and -8.5 in the other with 0.5 cylindrical. My corneal thickness in both the eyes is 560+.Two doctors are preferring Lasik and... READ MORE

Lasik Laser Eye Surgery with the Allegretto Wave?

I notice that Alcon met FDA approval and has started selling the Alcon Wavelight EX-500 in the U.S. now. This appears to be an upgrade to the... READ MORE

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