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ILasik (IFS 150 Intralase) Vs Z-Lasik (Crystal Plus)?

I'd like to get a bladeless lasik and would like to know which is better: iLasik using IFS 150 Intralase or Z-LASIK Crystal Plus™ (which seems to be... READ MORE

Does LasikPlus Use iLasik? Is Bladeless Lasik the Same As Ilasik? Which is Best?

I would really like to know if bladeless lasik is technically the same thing as ilasik? Or is ilasik just a TM name? Do you get the same results of... READ MORE

Had Bladelss LASIK 5 Weeks Ago. Right Eye Still Very Dry. Will It Go Away?

Had bladeless LASIK 5 weeks ago. Have a punctal plug in right eye. Taking omega 3 fish oil, using hot compresses, using preservative free drops, and... READ MORE

Blurry vision 2 weeks after bladeless lasik only in left eye.

Had lasik 2 weeks ago today and left eye is still blurry. Had checkups and he didnt seem to worried or offer any comfort that this is normal. He said... READ MORE

I am considering Lasik. I have 498 and 506 micron corneas are they thick enough?

I am almost 40 yrs and have -2.0 in both eyes. They have been stable at -2.0 for 3 years. Had initial evaluation and told my corneas are borderline.... READ MORE

What is the likelihood of developing Ectasia years after lasik (bladeless) refractive surgery?

I had custom refractive surgery done 2 weeks ago. My vision is fine, and I am not experiencing any sort of complication. However, I'm very regretful... READ MORE

How strong is the bond between the stromal bed and conreal flap created by intralasik (bladeless) surgery?

I've read that the corneal flap does not ever heal, in the sense that the incision will never close, due to the lack of blood vessels. This troubles... READ MORE

Is it normal to have Blurry night vision/fluctuating day vision 3 months post op?

I had blade less LASIK (allegreto wave q) 3 months ago and one of my eyes has mild fluctuations during the day, but gets much worse in dim or dark... READ MORE

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