Astigmatism + LASIK

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Lasik for Astigmatism?

Can Lasik fix astigmatism and make vision better in general? READ MORE

Is 1.25 and 2.00 Astigmatism Mild or Moderate? Intralase Good for Me?

I am 35....i only have very very minor +0.25 farisightness in both eyes, which doesnt need treatment... however i have one eye 1.25 and 2.00... READ MORE

Can LASIK correct a 5.0 diopter astigmatism?

What are the limits of LASIK eye surgery concerning the correction of astigmatism?  READ MORE

Correcting Astigmatism with Intralase with Lasik?

I am going to be getting the Intralase with wave-guided Lasik with the Visx Star4 laser. The astigmatism is at a cylinder 3.75 and 2.75 in the other... READ MORE

Clarity of Vision After Lasik. Does Vision Keep Improving Over Time?

I am almost 4 weeks out from Lasik (intralase/allegretto) and was -8.00 in both eyes w/ some astigmatism. Compared to before, I should be grateful... READ MORE

Lasik Available for Severe Myopia +7.5 Both Eyes? I'm 35, Thanks.

Just wondering if there is any corrective procecure available to correct my vision. Approx +7.50 - +8.00 with astigmatism in one eye. Thanks READ MORE

PRK Performed Twice?

I have had 2 LASIK procedures already (original and one enhancement). Several years since my LASIK enhancement surgery. My right eye has 0.75 of... READ MORE

I Am Considering PRK or Lasik for Astigmatism, but is It Too High?

My prescription is Left eye S -1.25 C -3.75 and right eye S -.50 C 2.75. I have heard if the astigmatism is more than half the Sphere it does not... READ MORE

Will Lasik Work in Extreme Astigmatism Cases?

I've tried glasses but never contacts. Glasses for me do almost nothing but give me a headache. My vision improves only marginally to the point I... READ MORE

High Prescription and Astigmatism?

I have high prescription with high astigmatism. Based on the minus cylinder prescription, I am -10.5 with -4 astigmatism and -9.25 with 2.75... READ MORE

Lasik for Astigmatism and Currently See Night Starburst?

I've been contemplating having intralase wavefront lasik performed, but I have some reservations. I had been approved at 3 places (Cleveland Clinic,... READ MORE

Should I Have Lasik to Correct -3.00 to 20/20 ?

I am 24 yrs old and my prescription is stable at -3.00 (both eyes) with -1.00 astigmatism is left eye. Corneal thickness: 560 microns (left) and 557... READ MORE

Should I Have Lasik to Correct to 20/20 ?

I am 26 yrs old and my prescription is stable at -5.75 in right eye with -1.00 astigmatism, 42 axis and -6.00 in left eye with -1.00 astigmatism nd... READ MORE

I Am Considering LASIK to Treat Astigmatism Using the IntraLase Method?

I often sleep in my contacts and am concerned with how that will effect the readiness of my eyes for the procedure. READ MORE

Lazy Eye and LASIK?

I have a lazy eye. Also, I have a strong level of nearsightness and astigmatism on that eye. I have no eye diseases or complications such as diabetes.... READ MORE

Is LASIK Safe or Helpful 15yrs After PK Eye Correction? (photo)

I had PK surgery - which leaves cuts in your eye- for vision correction when age 49. Now 15yrs later due to aging and astigmatism., I am wearing... READ MORE

Blade lasik done 1 month ago. Undercorrection in both the eyes. When can the enhancement be done in my current scenario ?

My dr said that enhancement can be done in 2 weeks from now when i go and see him.Another dr that i consulted said enhancement should not be done... READ MORE

Considering Lasik or PRK... Can I Be a Candidate?

Hi, I have Astigmatism in both eyes and recently got my eyes checked at eye center and here are my results. OD: S:-9.25/C:-1.75/A:003 OS: S:-8.50/C:-1... READ MORE

If I Have Thin Corneas (500 Micrometers), Large Pupils (8mm), Dry Eyes, Allergies, Can I Get Lasek?

I would like to get laser eye surgery to correct my vision (about -4.5 or -5.0 with a slight astigmatism). I am extremely concerned about... READ MORE

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