3 Weeks Post-op + LASIK

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Eye Strain by Lifting Weights After Lasik?

I had my lasik on Nov 2nd. Had really good progress and hit the gym only after 2 weeks as advised by doctor. First 3 days I did cardio & full body... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Lasik and Have Good Monovision, But Redness Seems To Be Getting Worse?

I am 3 weeks postoop lasik and have good monovision. I use lubricant but sometimes have gone 2-3 when real busy without. My vision is good but redness... READ MORE

Had Lasik 3 Weeks Ago and Wet Eye Accidentally?

I had Lasik 3 weeks ago and while taking a shower a drop of water went into the eye, there is no discomfort but wondering if this is okay? or should i... READ MORE

One Eye Blurry Post LASIK?

I had lasik 3 weeks ago . I've check my eyes 3 times post lasik . My left eye was good but my right still blurry at near and far . Im bit anxious... READ MORE

Why am I having halos & starburst still after 21days of lasik?

I under went lasik on 3rd Jan, after 3 days i could see halos & starbursts only at night time. around street lights & bulbs, headlights,traffic... READ MORE

3 weeks after LASIK; they have a machine that says my eyes are 20/20 but my left eye is still blurry. Should I believe them?

I had lasik surgery on both eyes 3.5 weeks ago -astigmatism on both eyes + myopia on the left What worries me is that the vision on the left eye is... READ MORE

My left eye is blurry after 3 weeks of LASIK. Is this normal?

I got Lasik done 3 weeks before and had 3.5 d power in both eyes.I am having no issues in right eye,but since the time of surgery I felt irritation in... READ MORE

I'm 3 weeks post op Lasik and my right eye has gone blurry. Why?

I had Lasik on NOV 5 2014. A few days after I was seeing perfect 20/15 in both eyes. 2 weeks post op and my right eye seemed drier and felt... READ MORE

I had LASIK almost 3 weeks ago it's still a little blurry and I have no distance definition is that a part of healing?

I was near sighted. I had the plugs put in & I still feel dry a lot of times. I can see but nothing is defined or clear. Still blurry most of the time... READ MORE

I'm 3 wks po lasik, with dry eyes when exposed to fan/eye muscle exercise, pain from light. Why is this and when will it stop?

1) When i wear antiglairs, they get comfortable out of light exposure pain. 2) I apply eyemist gel in eye before sleeping. Still exposure to fan make... READ MORE

Double Vision !! Help

3 weeks after an attempt at lasik surgery I am still seeing double . My procedure was abandoned because a incomplete flap was made . The hinge of the... READ MORE

Is it normal to have blurred vision in my right eye after lasik?

Sir, I hve blurrnesss in my left eye after 24 days of lasix surgery, and my right eye is perfect. When i visited hospital then with the left eye i... READ MORE

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