3 Months Post-op + LASIK

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I Have a Droopy Eyelid Cosed by Lasik Treatment, Will This Ever Get Back to Normal?

I had lasik 3 months ago, only on my left eye, 1 week after the surgery I woke up with my eyelid covering half my eye. For a view days it was pretty... READ MORE

-0.25 After Three Months of Lasik?

I got my LASIK done on dec 13 2012, my distance vision is stil not clear , i cannot read road signs. I went to my Doc and he told me that i am still... READ MORE

What can be done if the eye sight is not rectified even after a Lasik treatment and a re-enhancement?

I underwent a Lasik treatment about 3 months back. After the treatment, I could clearly see through the right eye but not through the left eye. My... READ MORE

Is it normal to have Blurry night vision/fluctuating day vision 3 months post op?

I had blade less LASIK (allegreto wave q) 3 months ago and one of my eyes has mild fluctuations during the day, but gets much worse in dim or dark... READ MORE

Almost 3 months post op, 20/20 now but still night vision problems. Is this normal?

I am now at 20/20 based on the letter test. however i still have night vision problems as bad as the first day of surgery. i mentioned this to my... READ MORE

I had Lasik 3 months ago. I was -6.50 in both eyes. My close vision (1-10 feet) still hasn't come back.

I am a +75 in both eyes right now. I am a +75 in both eyes right now. My eye doctor told me that I was overcorrected. Is this easy to correct and what... READ MORE

3 months post op from lasik- I wake up everyday with swollen eyelids and dry eyes.

I am 3 months post op lasik and I still wear googles every night. I wake up with severely swollen eye lids and dryness through the day. My eyelids... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about my vision 3 months after having lasik eye surgery?

I am 21 years old. I have days when my vision is good but some days my vision is blurry. Sometimes when I'm looking at a sign it looks like it's... READ MORE

What are the risks and options for LASIK adjustments?

I had Lasic surgery in both eyes three months ago and my surgeon apparently undercorrected my vision, which is still a bit blurry. He wants to do an... READ MORE

Is loss of contrast sensitivity normal after LASIK (hard to distinguish objects in low light)? And will it improve with time?

I'm 3 months post op i had bladeless LASIK (intralase, allegreto wave q), and my left eye is -.29 (nearsighted), and I've noticed that my vision gets... READ MORE

How much should a residual refractive error of -.25 after LASIK impact night vision?

I had LASIK (intralase/allegreto wave eye q) 3.5 months ago, and my night vision in one eye is awful. I do have -.25 residual error in that eye, but... READ MORE

Hazy vision in one eye 3 months after LASIK?

I have -0.29 residual refractive error in that eye, but I have hazy vision during the day (unless it's really bright), and blurriness at night. READ MORE

Why does my vision stay the same after I take my contact lens out, even though it was worse before I put it in? Post LASIK

I had LASIK 3 months ago and have residual refractive error of -0.29 in my bad eye. My night vision is terrible and blurry (loss of contrast). Before... READ MORE

3.5 months after LASIK, and I have halos, ghosting, loss of contrast sensitivity, will it get better?

I had LASIK using intralase and allegretto wave eye q laser... The eye in question still has -.25 refractive error, and is showing no signs of... READ MORE

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