2 Months Post-op + LASIK

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Double Vision 2.5 Months After Lasik

2.5 months after Lasik operation, I am still seeing double and blurry image. Worst at indoor and at night. Doctor told me that it is due to poorer... READ MORE

Blurry Vision and Double Image After 2 Months Lasik Operation

I am into my 40s and had my Lasik operation 2 months ago. I am not able to read road sign clearly when I drive, worse when I am in basement carpark. I... READ MORE

Vision Become Blurry After Lasik?

I am 34 years old. I have Lasik(nearsight) done on Nov. 26 2012. After the procedure, my vision become 1.0. Though after about two weeks, my vision... READ MORE

I got my Lasik (Femto) surgery done and my vision is blurred. Is this common and will it get better?

It is 1 month now post surgery. I had -12.5 and -10.5 on my left and right eyes. I couldn't see anyone clearly or read letters in books in the night... READ MORE

Dry Left Eye After Lasik with No Improvement

Am 7 weeks after lasik & i have severe blurred vision in my left eye with no improvent i used alot of drops but no hope!!! is the dry eye will be... READ MORE

Blurred vision in dark or dim lights two months after LASIK. My eyesight was -7 before surgery. Any suggestions?

I got lasik eye laser on 3rd july 2014 it have been two months and am having blurred vision and when i wake up in morning my eyes pain as there is... READ MORE

2 months post op of Lasik, does eye exercise helps to improve sharpness in my vision?

I have no perfect sharpness in my vision even after 2 months from a lasik .im really worried about it,does it will continue through out my age ,is... READ MORE

I have -2.25 Astigmatism in one eye 2 months after iLasik. Is this normal?

I had iLasik 2 months ago. Dry eye problem in my left eye, Only in LE In month 1, vision was 20/20 but blurry&hazy. Only 3 days of a week I can see... READ MORE

I had LASIK 2 months ago and my left eye is very red and itchy, no blurred vision just extremely red, is this normal? (Photo)

Is it normal for my eye to be so red 2 months after lasik surgery? No blurred vision, just feel like I need to close my eyes in order for it to feel... READ MORE

I'm having rainbow glare after femto lasik done almost 2 months ago. Is this normal and is it temporary?

I am 34 yrs old, had a femto lasik for -4 myope correction 7 weeks ago. Everything was okay apart from some light sensitivity in the morning and a... READ MORE

Blepharitis after LASIK.

Hello, I had LASIK 9 weeks ago and the doctor told me that I have blepharitis. I have never had that before (I read a lot of similar cases). What in... READ MORE

Had Lasik Operation, Can I Open my Eyes Underwater?

2 months after Lasik, I see cyrstal clear. But at holiday I ll swim. I swim in the sea and pool but mostly at sea. Can I open my eyes in hyperosmolar... READ MORE

Dry Eyes Cause Snow Vision?

I had Lasik about 2 mts ago. Since then I'm having some problems with dry eye and I'm on HYABAK using it every 2h. I've always noticed... READ MORE

Epi-Lasik Astigmatism Correction?

I had -0.75 with-0.75 cyl. in my eye before I underwent Epi-Lasik with PRK 7 weeks ago.Since a week after that I have been seeing ghostly images in my... READ MORE

50 days after my femto lasik surgery, I got red eye with severe irritation. Does my flap got dislocated?

50 days after my femto lasik surgery, i got red eye with severe irritation, unconsiously i started rubbing the eyes while sleeping, consulted a... READ MORE

How long it takes to heal the flaps or does it ever heals?

Hi I am from India and had customized lasik around 1.5 months back. During regular follow up check up, My doctor was concerned for epithelial ingrowth... READ MORE

Do you think I need a LASIK enhancement surgery since my distance vision is still blurry?

I have my lasik surgery 2 months ago but still my distance vision is blurry and so i have checked my eyesight and it is found to be -0.5 on both the... READ MORE

Is it worth it for lasik enhancement?

Hi, I'm on my 2nd month now. I tried to consult with other doctor for 2nd opinion and he said I still have residual refractive error. 75 on left and... READ MORE

Will my vision in one eye remain slight blur forever after Lasik?

I did Lasik 2 month ago. I see great now with NO side effect. But while I see clear both eyes open I see a little blur at distance in my right 'non... READ MORE

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