1 Year Post-op + LASIK

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Chronic Dry Eyes After 1 Year Post-Op Epilasek. Do I Have Any Alternatives?

Epilasek op both eyes 1.5yrs ago -3.5, surgery smooth, perfect vision, except for dry eyes. Reason for epilasek was thin cornea. No dry eye... READ MORE

Is It True That the Longer You Have Post-Lasik Dry Eye, the More Likely It Will Be Permanent?

I was told that Lasik healing time is 3-6 months. It is now over a year later (13 months to be exact) and I still have post lasik dry-eye. I hear it... READ MORE

Dear All Doctors, Can Lasik Be Done Again After These Symptoms? Will It Correct?

I am 21 years old male and had a lasik surgery an year ago with -2 nearsightedness in both eyes.2 weeks after operation i accidentally rubbed my RIGHT... READ MORE

LASIK Problems with Halos and Glare/Large Pupils?

A year ago I had LASIK done one both my eyes; one near-sighted, one far-sighted. The former took very well to the surgery, the latter did not. I had... READ MORE

Is It True That Lower Prescriptions Have Better Results with Lasik?

I had Lasik about a year ago and have had almost no complications and been overall happy with the result. But I've been surfing the web and what I... READ MORE

Its a Year After Lasik of my Eyes but Still Severe Dryness in Left Eye with -1.25 No. What to Do? Right Eye Has No Problem.

Previously i.e before lasik my no. was -5 of both eyes but now right eye has no problem but -1 no. but left eye is paining alot what to do suggest... READ MORE

Very short sighted one week after LASIK flap lift enhancement on left eye, Will my vision improve?

14 months after inital Lasik procedure. I had a Lasik enhancement on my left eye this time last week, 14 months after original lasik procedure.... READ MORE

I still have halos one year after lasik. Would it be worth trying glasses?

Hi, I had custom lasik a bit over a year ago and still have halos, glare, and starburts. What could cause this to still be going on? I know I'm 20/30... READ MORE

I Still Have Dry Eyes 13 Months After Lasik. Is This Permanent?

I had Intralase Lasik back in Dec of 2011. I continue to have fluctuating halos and starbursts and dry eyes that range from feeling like a thin layer... READ MORE

Bad Vision in Dimmed Lighting and at Night, Eyes Not in Sync?

I had Lasik surgery a year ago and still have blurry vision at night and in poorly lit areas. Both eyes measured seperately are perfect and by closing... READ MORE

1 year post op LASIK, is the double vision curable?

Had c-lasik one year back....now i can not see from both eye clr......dr. says that i have 6/6 vision.....when i see in a small whole i see very clr..... READ MORE

I see at times a red spot a year after lasik. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I got Lasik done a year back. At times I see red spot or at times bloodshot eyes,they don't cause me any vision problem. Yet I am a bit concerned... READ MORE

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