1 Week Post-op + LASIK

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Right Eye Blurry After Lasik, Is This Normal? (photo)

I had lasik done five days ago and from day one, my right eye has been blurry both near and far( I see alot better through it than before lasik, but... READ MORE

Does -0.50 Worth Touch Up Lasik?

Got lasik seven days ago was about -5.75 sph and -0.75 cyl in each eye now after 7 days of surgery i still have blurring of vision i went today to my... READ MORE

When Will I Get my Perfect Vision?

I had my customised lasik a week ago.after very next day my left eye was perfect though the right one was blurry.days passed and presently my left eye... READ MORE

I Had Lasik Done in Both Eyes. Week Later I See Double on my Right Eye?

Had lasik done on august 23 2012. Week later I poked my right eye with a blink bottle . Made my right Ey irritated and watery. Next day I see double... READ MORE

Over correction by 1.5, is there an mistake made ?

I had my Lasik 8 days ago. My pre-lasik prescriptions were Left: -7 Right -7 The target for Lasik was Left 0 Right -1.25 However, 8 days after the... READ MORE

Very Small Wrinkle After Lasik?

I had Lasik 5 days ago, today was my second follow up and the Dr noticed a "very small wrinkle in my lower left eye" it is so small that his asst did... READ MORE

ORK (LASIK) Done One Month Ago, Now I Still Have Blurry Vision, is This Normal?

I was short sighted. now my optometrist told me I have long sight power +0.5 and astigmatism 0.75 on both eyes which cause the blurry vision. my night... READ MORE

Is It Normal for One Eye to Continue to Be Blurred 6 Days or More After Lasik Surgery?

My eyes "feel" fine, not dry or sore, however my left eye is much clearer in vision than my right. The day following surgery both eyes seemed to be... READ MORE

Can I ride a bike 1 week after lasik with sunglasses?

I had lasik one week ago and I'm a serous bike rider, I train and race, can I ride my bike without any worry? Rode yesterday with sunglasses and... READ MORE

Blurry right eye after LASIK. Why wont it go back to normal?

I has lasik done last Thursday March 27 2014. The first 3 days after I had crystal clear vision, no problems. On Monday I took a nap and when I woke... READ MORE

Blurry vision after complete recovery. Should I be worried?

I just had lasik surgery last friday (12/19), and since then the recovery was pretty great, and in my last appointement the doctor said everything was... READ MORE

My near vision is clearer after LASIK, but my distant vision isn't as good as I thought it would be. Will it improve over time?

I had lasik last Friday (9days ago) in N. Ireland. my near vision is clearer but my distant vision isn't as good as I thought it would be. I... READ MORE

On July 25, 2013 I Had Lasik Using Zeimer and Zyoptix Technology, Now Having Trouble Adjusting, Normal?

Hi! On July 25, 2013 I had Lasik using Zeimer and Zyoptix technology. At my one week post op (yesterday), I was seeing 20/20 but I'm having such a... READ MORE

6 Days Post LASIK Vision Not Clear, Too Early to Tell? (photo)

I had LASIK done 08-08-13. I was -8.75 in my left and -8.50 in my right. My vision was pretty good on the first day but doesn't seem to have improved... READ MORE

8 Days Post LASIK and my Eyes Are 20/25 and 20/40. Is There a Chance That I Can Improve or Am I Doomed for an Enhancement?

I had Lasik 8 days ago for high prescriptions in both of my eyes (-7.5 and -8). My left eye is at 20/25 but my right eye is 20/40 and blurry. I am not... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Trouble Looking at a Computer 6 Days After Lasik?

Hi. I had Lasik surgery 6 days ago. I was nearsighted and never had any issues reading or looking at a computer screen. Now I can see distance really... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do Air-puff Tonometry 7 Days After Lasik?

I would like to know whether it is safe to do only 7 days after Lasik, or if it could cause wrinkles or flap distortion. It was done to me when I went... READ MORE

Inflammation in Right Eye After LASIK How Long Does It Take to Heal It is 8 Days Later and Vision on Right Eye Blur?

My right eye doc indicates has inflammation his happy with progress my problem is world s blurred from my right eye more or less how long does eye... READ MORE

Is this normal? Does the recovery time take much time when you have a wrinkled cornea? Why am I not seeing clearly?

Dear Doctor I'm a 21 years old girl I have had Myopia and Astigmatism in both eyes since the age of 6 and i have been wearing glasses ever since I... READ MORE

Blurry vision in right eye 1 week after LASIK?

Its been 1 week since I have undergone LASIK. My eye power before surgery was -3D in both the eyes. At the post operation test doctor said my vision... READ MORE

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