1 Month Post-op + LASIK

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4 Weeks After LASIK and Still have Blurry Right Eye, Why is This?

I had lasik 4 weeks ago. At my 2-week follow I "scored" 20/20 and 20/35. My vision would occasionally fluctuate, but all in all I could see... READ MORE

Clarity of Vision After Lasik. Does Vision Keep Improving Over Time?

I am almost 4 weeks out from Lasik (intralase/allegretto) and was -8.00 in both eyes w/ some astigmatism. Compared to before, I should be grateful... READ MORE

1 Month After Lasik Bluriness?

I had Lasik done about 3.5 weeks ago. My left eye is perfect but my right eye still has some blurriness. For the most part, its been blurry like that... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Rub Eyes after One Month of Lasik?

Also how can you tell if your flap is dislodged or wrinkled? READ MORE

I had Lasik 1 month back. My left eye is not that clear as my right eye?

I had Lasik 1 month back . My left eye is not that clear as my right eye . It is little blurry . After what time it will become stable ? Please let me... READ MORE

Ghosting after lasik? (photo)

I had Lasik about one month I noticed that I was seeing shadows or double vision of the object that I am looking at just in my right eye ( I see 2... READ MORE

Do warm compresses after Lasik help speed up healing of the eye?

Will using a warm compress one to two times a day speed healing of the eyes after Lasik? I had Lasik one month ago and one of my eyes is perfect, but... READ MORE

Little Hazy in One Eye, 1 Month After LASIk Custom Wavefront Procedure?

I had lasik eye surgery 1 month ago, i was told everything went well, and my vision has been amazing. I am just concerned about my left eye, my right... READ MORE

Why my Far Distance Vision Blurry (Right Eye Only)?

I had my 1 month post op check up yesterday. I can see well on both eyes open, my left is ok near and far, my right eye is ok with near (reading book)... READ MORE

I Rubbed my Eye Very Badly and Had Blurriness for 5 Min I'm Afraid the Flap is Shifted or Dislocated Can That Really Happen?

It's 1 month after my lasik, after 5 min the blurriness was gone and I don't have pain or something but when I look in mirror I think I see the flap... READ MORE

One Eye Still Blurry at 4 Weeks?

I had Lasik done a little over 4 weeks ago. One eye is still blurry at just about all distances -- the blurriness does not fluctuate. The blurriness... READ MORE

Had Bladelss LASIK 5 Weeks Ago. Right Eye Still Very Dry. Will It Go Away?

Had bladeless LASIK 5 weeks ago. Have a punctal plug in right eye. Taking omega 3 fish oil, using hot compresses, using preservative free drops, and... READ MORE

Blurry eye after LASIK?

I had Lasik surgery about a month ago, I had Myopia, the recovery has been good and my doctor told me everything is healing correctly. I see perfect... READ MORE

One of the eye is still blurry after having LASIK 20 days ago. Is this normal?

Had LASIK surgery 20 days ago. my left eye is perfect vision now.but there is still 20/80 in my right eye. there are lots red capillaries ing my right... READ MORE

One month after Lasik. Room for improvement or headed towards an enhancement?

I am a 28 year old woman and my vision was -2.00 in both eyes prior to having Lasik. I had wavefront Lasik about a month ago. My right eye is 20/15... READ MORE

1 month after Lasik. Can vision still improve?

After one month of lasik . I cant read last line of reading board with left eye. Will it improve in coming time. READ MORE

Had Lasik a Month Ago and Eyelids Are So Heavy in the Morning Can't Open Eyes?

I had Lasik 1 month ago and still when i wake in the morning my eyelids are so heavy have a very hard time opening eyes, i have dry eyes but use drops... READ MORE

1 Month After Lasik, Both my Eyes with Myopoia (Short-sightness) Come Back by More 100+ Degree?

1 month after Lasik, both my eyes with myopoia (short-sightness) come back by 100+ degree adding to the target (my target for left eye is 125 and 0... READ MORE

LASIK on 6 June. The day of surgery I cried, and have since had eye pain & headaches. Will this have any affect on my outcome?

I used to suffer with insomnia before lasik, i had lasik on 07/06/2014,unexpectadly i cried on the day i had surgeory due to a quarrel between me... READ MORE

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