Laser Treatment Videos

Learn About Procedures That Complement Facelift Surgery

Dr. Stephen Weber explains what procedures are often combined with a facelift. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Performs Excel V Laser on This Woman's Red Spots

Dr. Matthew Elias explains how Excel V laser works and treats concerns such as redness, veins, lesions, age spots, sun spots and discoloration. VIEW NOW

Disappearing Ink: A Tattoo Remval Documentary

RealSelf explores the confusing world of tattoo removal in this short documentary. You’ll meet Elizabeth, a young woman who hates her tattoo but isn’t convinced it’s worth removing and William, whose tattoo removal changed his life forever. VIEW NOW

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This Young Man Gets a Laser Facial for Age Prevention — See His Procedure

Dr. Jason Emer explains Clear + Brilliant - a low energy, low density fractional laser with minimal downtime. VIEW NOW

This Doctor Uses a Combination Treatment for Back Acne Scars

Dr. Jason Emer used Venus Via laser treatment and fills is this man's acne scars with Bellafill. The combination stimulates collagen production and improves the appearance of acne scars. VIEW NOW

Learn the #1 Cause of Wrinkles and How to Prevent Them

Dr. Adam Scheiner explains the causes of wrinkles and 3 types of treatments that can reverse past sun damage. VIEW NOW

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ReFit by Viora for Non-Invasive Skin Tightening After Weight Loss — See These 4 Transformations

Dr. Nicole Hayre's patients who had sagging skin after weight loss share their experience and results with treatment. VIEW NOW

Learn the Benefits of Getting a Laser Peel

Get results with less downtime using this laser peel, according to the office of Dr. Michael Howard Swann. VIEW NOW

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PicoSure Can Do More Than Remove a Tattoo — See for Yourself

Dr. William Frazier explains how the Focus Lens Array on his PicoSure laser works. Hear how treatment feels. VIEW NOW

If You're Young, The Doctor Says Don't Do This for Acne Scars

What should you do if you have acne scars? Dr. Amiya Prasad explains your options. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor's Tips for Maintaining a Youthful Appearance

Live from Chicago at ASDS 2015, Dr. Janiene Luke answers questions about maintaining a youthful appearance. VIEW NOW

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How to Look Refreshed Without Surgery — The Doctor Shares These Tips

Live from Chicago at ASDS 2015, Dr. Ronald Shelton answers questions about non-invasive procedures for a natural looking result. VIEW NOW

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