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What treatments would best help with tear troughs, smile lines, pigmentation & dark circles under my eyes? (photos)

FRACTORA or Q-switched N-d Yag, or Fat transfer.  I'm 32, and I start to realize that there are some issues on my face: tear through, smile line,... READ MORE

Laser Treatment Help Burns and Redness Under Eyes?

I realise it was a stupid thing to do now but after lower blepharoplasty I applied boiled salty water to my stitches. I have been left with red marks... READ MORE

Can Q Switch, ND YAG Laser to treat stubborn forehead Hyper pigmentation?

Can Q Switch ND YAG Laser used on 1064 Fluence completely knock off Forehead Hyperpigmentation caused by 25% Glycolic Acid Peels especially if it is... READ MORE

Red nose fibrous papule removal (photo)

Been over a year since I got this after picking at acne on my nose. Raised red bump. Already tried v-beam with no luck and hyfrecation 3 times also no... READ MORE

IPL, Yag, Pulsed Dye (PDL), Vbeam- Which is the best laser for redness around an incision?

IPL, Yag, Pulsed Dye (PDL), Vbeam- Which is the best laser for redness around an incision? My 12 yr old had 5 stitches in her forehead. Close to... READ MORE

Q-switched Nd Yag for Freckles Aftercare and Recovery Time

I am considering undergoing a treatment using the Q-Switched nd Yag laser for my freckles as recommended by my dermatologist. I am half Chinese half... READ MORE

YAG or Alexandrite for light brown skin tone?

Hi, I am going in for a laser spot treatment for a couple of brown/pigmentation spots and my skin tone is not dark brown but I would be considered... READ MORE

Will ND/Yag Q (532 nm) switched laser treatment for age spots on my temples remove any hair?

I am a 65 year-old white man, and have brown age spots on the surface of my skin, on my temples. Some of the spots are visible within my hairline, as... READ MORE

Laser vein treatment (ND:YAG/ pulse dye) before or after resurfacing (fractional erbium or Co2)?

I'm a 29 yo male in good health and shape overall. I have some broken capillaries around the side of my nose and cheek that I am want to have taken... READ MORE

How to recover from swelling after laser treatment of arteriovenous malformation ? (Photo)

Hi All, I have a medium sized artri-venous malformation inside my upper lip (some Drs. also called it hemangeoma). I underwent to a long pulsed ND Yag... READ MORE

I have been advised ND YAG laser1064nm long pulse for toning and tightening.10-15 sessions, twice a week. Is that alright ?

Will it really make a difference ? Do i need to take any precautions ? I feel 2 sessions a week of laser may harm my skin, am I wrong ? READ MORE

Any risk of volume loss with Yag laser to remove under eye veins?

I've been considering this procedure and came across a forum online with a ton of complaints from what appear to be people who have had this done.... READ MORE

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