Sun Spots + Laser Treatment

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Is IPL or Fraxel Best Treatment for Sunspots?

Hi, I have sunspots on my face I would like to get rid of. Is IPL or Fraxel most effective for sunspots and how long do the results last? READ MORE

Will my Skin Even out After Lightening Due to Laser Treatment

About 4 weeks ago I had laser (candella gentlelase) done to remove some sun spots. I didn't do any research on this and I'm pretty sick about the... READ MORE

Can lasers permanently remove a given sunspot, or is it just temporary?

I've read that after laser-treatment to remove sunspots, the patient must stay out of the sun otherwise the spots will return. Will spots return in... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation after Laser Treatment. (photo)

I had Q Switch laser done 2times to one sunspot on my cheek. The treatment was 3 month apart. After 4 months pass by, It left me with a dime size... READ MORE

Is laser sunspot removal more effective if the patient discontinues topical brightening/bleaching creams first?

I read that once hydroquinone or other topical creams are discontinued, sunspots will return and darken in the exact same places they were before. Is... READ MORE

I have more sunspots after my second laser treatment 2 days ago than ever before. Is this customary or not?

The first laser treatment that I received for sunspots removed almost all the brown spots on my face. After the second treatment two days ago, to... READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Brown Facial Spots?

My concern is my brown spots on my cheeks. They are disturbing me. The result I am looking for is clearer, brighter-looking skin without these... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Sun Spots and Freckles?

I would like to have age spots freckles sun spot removed with laser from my face how risky is it and who is the best in NY? READ MORE

Too Much Sun Exposure After Laser Treatment?

I had laser treatment yesterday for sun spots and red blotches on my cheeks. I used an SPF 15 moisturizer and SPF 15 foundation this morning. At... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Teleangiectasia After Doxycycline?

I am considering having laser treatment (KTP Gemini 532nm) for teleangiectasia on my nose. I was taking Doxycycline for 8-9 months, but stopped 12... READ MORE

What's the Difference in Treatment and Results Between Affirm, E-Matrix and Fraxel?

I purchased E-Matrix series for sun spots and wrinkles from a chain that offers Affirm at another location. I can have either treatment or combination... READ MORE

Is the Alma Fluorescence Technology (AFT) laser for reducing age and sun spots safe for American American skin? (Photo)

This procedure and technique was recommended to me by med spa staff for reducing my facial discoloration and spots because it had less risk compared... READ MORE

Do you need to 'prep' skin with retinols and pigment lightners (hydroquinone) before doing clear & brilliant laser?

I am of Asian ethnicity and have melasma under eyes / sun spots on cheeks and am consodering clear and brilliant laser since i was told ot is safer... READ MORE

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