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I Have Many Black Spots on my One Side of Face, What are My Options to Rid of Them? (photo)

I Have Many Black Spots on my One Side of Face Can It Removed by Laser or Any Other READ MORE

What is the Best Laser Treatment for Spots and Winklers for Darker Skin?

What is the Best Laser Treatment for Spots and Winklers for Darker Skin? READ MORE

I have a 7 inch incision on the top of my foot resulting from EHL tendon surgical repair. Would laser improve the appearance?

DPM took stitches out 3 weeks post op. I wash the incision every 12 hours with Cetaphil, pat dry, cover with a thick coat of vaseline. The skin... READ MORE

Is it bad for the skin to do another laser session within a week interval?

I did an incomplete laser session, with a Candela gentleMax Pro that uses Yag laser, on several minor spots of my face. Two spots or two laser gunshot... READ MORE

Spots are appearing after BBL laser

I have just done bbl laser 3days ago for my broken capillaries and was recommended on a lower setting since I have Asian skin that tends to tan easily... READ MORE

What Laser Treatment is Best for Fordyce Spots?

I have read about Fordyce condition and treatment is not necessary but there mostly on my upper lip and a little on the side of my lower lip is there... READ MORE

What exactly is supposed to happen after a Q-switch laser treatment? I was told that a scab should form but it hasn't happened.

I had a q switch laser treatment for a spot on my lip. It was swollen for the first day and a half and then it went back to normal. I was told a scab... READ MORE

What Can I Do? Smartxide Laser Treatments Leaving Rough Texture and Dots.

I am 9 week post second treatment of smartxide laser , both times i had face and neck ,2nd time more aggresive, i have completly healed no problems on... READ MORE

It is Three Weeks and It Still Hurts in That Spot. It is Hard to Walk. Will This Be Permanent? It Has Me Very Worried.

Recently my doctor gave me laser treatment behind my knee to treat a spot on my Leg. It was excruciatingly painful. I think he hit a nerve. It has... READ MORE

I went to a clinic recently for nlite but the lady advised me there are two types of nlite? (photo)

One for spots and one for redness. She said the one for redness would leave me bruised but the other one doesnt do anything really. So obviously I... READ MORE

I have blackspot on my face due to pimples. What laser treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have tried lots of treatment Ayurvedic and allopathic nothing works i lost my confidence due to this darkspot please help me........................... READ MORE

I've had these spots for about 3 years and itching them my legs got worse and it's all over my thighs & legs. Laser? (Photo)

Do I need some type of laser done I refuse to use lightening cream I want to get rid of then not to be lighter . READ MORE

What laser treatment would you recommend for spots all around my neck? (photos)

I been try visiting 2 dermatoligis. I been used a cream that one i bouthed a costco and the fist week was working but later stars with irritation. I... READ MORE

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