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What Frequency/settings Should the Q Switch Laser Be at to Remove Nevus Of Ota Around Eye? (photo)

I have been treated few times on my right eye which i have blueish skin color on top eyelid and black spots right under my lower eye lid. i have been... READ MORE

Is Qswitch Safe and Effective? What All Does It Do?

I want to learn about the Qswitch laser treatment, what it can accomplish, how safe it is and if any adverse reactions are reported? READ MORE

Citrine Treatment, Co2 Laser and Qswitch. What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Hi, i've done mi first treatment with this combined technology, and i'd like to know what can I expect regarding results. I'm a little confused cause... READ MORE

I Had Dark Freckles Lasered off with a Q Switch Laser, and They Aren't Gone Yet?

I am fair skinned with a few dark particular freckles that I had removed. The dermatologist used a Q Switch laser. After the treatment, I noticed my... READ MORE

Q-switched Nd Yag for Freckles Aftercare and Recovery Time

I am considering undergoing a treatment using the Q-Switched nd Yag laser for my freckles as recommended by my dermatologist. I am half Chinese half... READ MORE

Redness from Revlite Laser?

I had 10 laser treatments to remove a Café au lait spot on my leg. My last treatment was 6 weeks ago and everything was fine just this past week it... READ MORE

How Long for Inflammation to Subside After Q-Switch Laser?

My dermotologist used a q-switch laser for brown spots on my face. One week later the scabs fell off naturally and the spots were a light pink. I saw... READ MORE

Q switch laser hypopigmentation?

I have dark skin, and like most dark people ive tried all sorts of skin bleaching to make me whiter, the problem is all these creams and pills and... READ MORE

What is Q Switched Laser and what is it used for?

Are there different brands? Do they all treat the same thing or are they designed for different treatments. How do I know which one is right for me? READ MORE

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