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Which Type of Fraxel Laser is Best to Treat Legs for Sun Damage and Crepey Skin?

I have hyperpigmentation and crepey skin on my thighs and calves. Which fraxel laser would work best? The Restore or the Repair? thank you. READ MORE

Is Laser Treatment Advisable for my Old Brown Scars on my Legs?

I am Asian and I have these ligh to dark brown scars on both of my legs. I had them since I was little from chicken pox or from mosquito or ant bites.... READ MORE

Laser Specialist Dermatologist Recommendations?

Does anyone know a dermatologist that specializes in lasers? I am currently looking for a dermatologist who can help me with a few little veins under... READ MORE

Minimum Age for Having Major Laser Surgery?

I am 16 and I want to undergo laser surgery for many hyperpigmented scars that I have on both my legs...when is the best time should I undergo the... READ MORE

Can q switch laser help with this hemosiderin staining on my upper leg? (Photo)

I have hemosiderine staining after a hematoma in july 2014. The colour never diminished and im getting very anxious nog. I heard that q switch lasers... READ MORE

What treatment or procedure do I need to do for my patches? (photo)

Need to know should I go get Fraction Laser, a Pixel Laser or Q switched Laser? I really want these patches to go away or shrink it at least. I had... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Razor Bumps and Chicken Skin?

I have this skin condition since I was about 14 or 15; now that I'm 20, it still hasn't gotten any better. I went to a dermatologist before,... READ MORE

Best Laser for Wrinkling or Crepiness on the Arms and Legs?

I have old sun damage. I am 50. My face looks younger from CO2 Laser, but my hand, arms, legs, and upper back look old. What laser treatment do you... READ MORE

Do Laser Treatments Work for Hemosiderin Deposits?

I have hemosiderin deposits on my neck and lower legs. What treatment works to help remove deposits and/or prevent further deposits? I have done... READ MORE

Do Laser Treatments Really Work for Stretch Marks?

If laser treatments really work for stretch marks, how many treatments will it take? I have two babies, and due to my pregnancy, I have gotton... READ MORE

Got Burn After Lightsheer Laser. Currently Using 99% Aloe Vera Gel. Recommendations? (photo)

I am a Asian girl with medium brown skin. I got burn all over my legs. Will these marks will go away? It was very pain after the treatment. I went... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Recurring Spider Veins on Legs?

Have had injections over the years, each summer for spider veins in legs. They come back, or other ones do. Many are worse. Big discolored area when... READ MORE

Are Dark Marks from V Beam Permanent?

I had V beam laser on my legs for small veins. It has been 3 weeks and each area that was zapped is still very dark and bruising. I am caucasian and... READ MORE

Lumps on Back of Legs. Look Like Varicose Veins, but Aren't. How to Treat? (photo)

I have lumps that look like varicose veins on the backs of my legs. Two vein doctors confirmed they aren't veins. A dermatologist told me they are... READ MORE

Can There be Under Skin Damage?

A laser tech got annoyed when I asked her to go over spots she missed and held down the gun on several spots approximately 4 seconds each, causing... READ MORE

Can Sciton Laser Be Used to Improve Dry Dull Skin on Legs?

My skin is losing elasticity and firmness. It is dull with no moisture. Is Sciton safe and used widely on the legs? Will it get rid of the dull... READ MORE

Laser Technology for Muscle Re-shaping?

I'm a 34-year-old male, currently researching on the latest medical techniques (perhaps using laser technology) with applicability on muscle tissue.... READ MORE

What Laser Treatment would be best to treat brown spots on my lower legs?

I'm looking to get a laser treatment on my lower legs to erase the brown spots that I have. Was wondering what laser would be the most effective and... READ MORE

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