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Will ESR Laser Absorb Dermal Fillers?

I have heard various things about lasers, such as ESR and photofacial, absorbing the dermal fillers in cheeks and around mouth. Is this true that a... READ MORE

Can I Have Lasr Treatment Over The Area That Was Injected With Restylane?

I have recently had Restylane injected in my marionette lines, with great results. Am I able to have laser treatments on my face over the general area... READ MORE

When should I continue with facials and start other treatment after having just done Clear & Brilliant, botox and fillers?

How long should I wait before continuing with facial extractions, microderm, glycolic peel, jezner appointments after having the Clear and Brilliant... READ MORE

Considering regenlite treatments for wrinkles. Is this more/less effective than thermi-RF, fillers, and blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I am 59 years old and have sun damage after younger years in the sun and middle age in a tanning bed. I am physically impaired due to debilitating... READ MORE

After Botox on my forehead, I developed PIH. Is Palomar pulsed light a good option after no success with hydroquinone? (Photo)

In the past I've experienced significant bruising with Botox but never PIH. The doctor prescribed hydroquinone (4%) which I've used for 10 weeks... READ MORE

Laser treatment after fillers?

I have fillers under my eyes and around my nose. Can I get laser treatment done? Will it ruin the fillers? I should have gotten the laser first and... READ MORE

Is Regenlite effective at dealing with wrinkles? How does it compare with fillers?

Does this treatment really work well for wrinkles ? If I spend the money, I want amazing results. Am I better off with fillers? READ MORE

Could the laser genesis I had then the fillers straight after of caused this problem and cooked them ? (photos)

I had laser genesis then had fillers my face swelled up like elephant man I had to have kenalog injections as was so bad well that what the doctor... READ MORE

I need help! I had thermolo treatment done almost a yr ago on my nose and I still look like this. Any suggestions? (photo)

Please help me one what is the best solution to get my nose fixed and smooth again. I don't know what to do. I heard fraxel laser, microneedle, or... READ MORE

Is scarlet laser therapy safe and effective for acne scars? I have wrinkles and deep laughing lines, are Botox and fillers safe?

I have multiple acne scars on my cheeks, dermatologists suggest scarlet laser for my scars,kindly tell me is it safe and effective? if effective then,... READ MORE

Can you get laser treatment such as thermage or erbium if you have fillers already?

If I have filler currently, such as juviderm, do I have to wait to have laser facial treatment such as Thermage or erbium resurfacing? Will the filler... READ MORE

Is it possible to get laser treatment under the eyes if I have fillers?

I'm about to get my first round of belotero for my tear troughs. Eventually I would like to undergo a laser procedure for the blue vein under my eye.... READ MORE

Are laser treatments and fillers safe with an autoimmune condition?

I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos, and because I have active antibodies, my rheumatologist said I should not have fillers injected. However, I... READ MORE

Does anyone do the Fractora Invasix treatment? (photos)

I am 33. I have always sturggled with acne and scarring issues but now my skin is getting tons and tons of fine lines all over it. A lot of vertical... READ MORE

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