Broken Capillaries + Laser Treatment

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Laser Treatment of Rosacea

I have rosacea and surface capillaries, as well as thin, translucent skin. I'm thinking of having Pixel Laser treatments, but I'd like to know... READ MORE

KTP Laser Vs. IPL for Broken Capillaries on Face?

I saw two different derms seeking help with two red broken caps on the side of my nose, and a small cluster of broken caps under each eye--unlike the... READ MORE

How Effective Are Laser Treatments for Broken Capillaries on the Nose and Face?

Just wondering if it completely eliminates any visible broken caps or if traces are still visible after treatment. READ MORE

Preventing Collagen Loss, Broken Capillaries and Brown Spots

I am a female who just turned 25. I would like to start a skin care treatment to prevent collagen loss, broken capillaries, and brown spots. What... READ MORE

Regenlite For Scarring, Rough Skin Texture and Redness and Broken Capillaries?

I was recommended by a well-renowned Dermatologist to have four sessions with this laser - for scarring, rough skin texture and facial redness/broken... READ MORE

Is There Any Treatment for Burst Capillaries/red Veins Under the Eye? (photo)

I have a number of small red spots/veins under my eye and I am wondering if there is any safe, effective treatment to reduce or remove marks in this... READ MORE

Is It a Bad Idea to Have ONE Single Broken Capillary (Blood Vessel) Treated with a Laser?

I have a broken blood vessel on my nose that really bothers me. If I got just this one capillary treated, would it be a dumb idea? Would the cost of... READ MORE

I Have a Layer of Crust All over my Nose After Broken Capillary Treatment. Options?

It breaks off here and there and oozes when it does. It's been 2 days. Should I use something on it like neosporin? Should I be trying to remove... READ MORE

Benefits of Light and Laser Treatments?

I am wondering if having IPLs or Fraxel or other treatments are beneficial to do even if you do not have the damage showing on your skin yet? For... READ MORE

I Had Broken Capillaries on my Face Zapped with a Laser Yesterday. What Should my Face Look Like One Day After Treatment?

Several of the areas treated are bumpy. And some of them blistered. It looks like I've been stung by bees. Is this normal and if so, when will the... READ MORE

Broken Facial Capillaries

I am a 32 yr old asian woman and have significant broken capillaries and redness around my nose. I would like to get this treated with laser therapy;... READ MORE

Laser Treatment For Broken Capillaries and A Large Blister Formed and Popped, Leaving a Red Mark?

I had laser treatment to remove broken capillaries around my nose. One on the tip of my nose where a rather large blister formed and popped leaving a... READ MORE

Diffuse redness, broken capillaries mild roseacea, what frequencies and light waves are best for me?

Which laser is best suited to address redness and roseacea? The following have been recommended. Gemini, Excel and Limelight. Different practises,... READ MORE

What Can I Use to Get Completely Rid of my Broken Capillaires?!

I have huge broken capillaires on my face and a big red dot of them on my cheek, I hate them and don't feel comfortable with myself, I have been told... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for a Broken Blood Vessel on Lip?

I have broken blood vessel on my lower lip. Can this be removed by a Laser treatment? READ MORE

Are Hundreds of Pinpoint Bloodspots All over Face Normal After a Qswitch? (photo)

I did a Q switch facial laser treatment. It is not my first time. But it is the first time my face developed red blood spots. I am surprised that a... READ MORE

Received Laser Treatment Under Eyebrow for Veins/Broken Capillaries. Now Have Black Eye, Why? (photo)

I received lasor treatment under my eyebrows for spider veins/broken capillaries 3 weeks ago. Had no reaction to it they just vanished. I was putting... READ MORE

KTP Laser and Difficult to Treat Capillaries- What To Do?

I had several capillaries visible around my nose and cheeks. A dermatologist suggested BBL. The BBL did nothing for the capillaries. Next he suggested... READ MORE

Single Laser for Treating Broken Capillaries and Reddish Scars?

Six months ago, I had three moles surgical excised from my face. The scars are still a deep pink/red. I also have several broken capillaries on my... READ MORE

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