Tanning + Laser Hair Removal

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Self-tanner Use a Week Prior to and Post Laser Hair Removal?

I am being told not to tan in a tanning bed or in the sun or use self tanner 4 weeks prior to and 1 week after laser hair removal. I understand why I... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a Tan While Having Laser Hair Removal?

Hello, is it safe to be exposed to the sun while having laser hair removal? How long, after each session, should I wait so that I will not cause any... READ MORE

Can I Tan if I Cover the Portion of my Body That is Getting Laser Hair Removal?

I have very light skin and I suffer from Folliculitis on my chest. Tanning is my last result and it's been the only thing that helps. I have tried... READ MORE

When Can I Do Laser Hair Removal After Tanning?

I tanned a month ago and the dr told me to wait for 20 days is it enough? and i have a lot of light hair in the end of my back ,,the dr told me she is... READ MORE

I Went into a Tanning Booth a Week Before Laser Hair Removal on my Stomach. I Burned Badly. Will This Go Away? What Should I Do?

Please I understand I shouldn't have went but I didn't think it would be this bad. What should I be applying? What should I do? Will this go away most... READ MORE

Tanning while getting laser treatments?

Im currently doing laser hair removal with the soprano xl, i consulted my laser Esthetician and she said i should be okay with the sopranos technology... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal on Arms and Tanning?

I had a session of laser hair removal done on Saturaday(full arms), my techician told me to stay out of the sun for 2-3 days, the very next day i... READ MORE

Laser hair removal burns with no scabbing. Will these spots fade? (photos)

I got my 5th laser hair treatment done on my bikini line yesterday. I'm tanner than usual from the tanning salon and I probably shouldn't have had the... READ MORE

After you've got hair removal and days been passed can you use the tanning machines?

I wanted to know cause i've heard that after you get hair removal you can't go inside tanning machines is that so ? or no ? and after you've got hair... READ MORE

What do I need to do, to if not fix, then minimize the appearance of the scar? (photos)

Hello Doctors! 3 weeks ago I had a laser hair removal session go very wrong. What was supposed to be a 10 minute treatment left me swollen, blistered... READ MORE

After Laser Hair Removal, The Skin Won't Tan or Flush, Is This Normal?

Besides having laser hair about a yr ago and it not tanning ...why does it not flush or turn red when i shower like the rest of my skin or when im... READ MORE

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