Tanning + Laser Hair Removal

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Self-tanner Use a Week Prior to and Post Laser Hair Removal?

I am being told not to tan in a tanning bed or in the sun or use self tanner 4 weeks prior to and 1 week after laser hair removal. I understand why I... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a Tan While Having Laser Hair Removal?

Hello, is it safe to be exposed to the sun while having laser hair removal? How long, after each session, should I wait so that I will not cause any... READ MORE

Can I Tan if I Cover the Portion of my Body That is Getting Laser Hair Removal?

I have very light skin and I suffer from Folliculitis on my chest. Tanning is my last result and it's been the only thing that helps. I have tried... READ MORE

When Can I Do Laser Hair Removal After Tanning?

I tanned a month ago and the dr told me to wait for 20 days is it enough? and i have a lot of light hair in the end of my back ,,the dr told me she is... READ MORE

I Went into a Tanning Booth a Week Before Laser Hair Removal on my Stomach. I Burned Badly. Will This Go Away? What Should I Do?

Please I understand I shouldn't have went but I didn't think it would be this bad. What should I be applying? What should I do? Will this go away most... READ MORE

Tanning while getting laser treatments?

Im currently doing laser hair removal with the soprano xl, i consulted my laser Esthetician and she said i should be okay with the sopranos technology... READ MORE

Laser hair removal burns with no scabbing. Will these spots fade? (photos)

I got my 5th laser hair treatment done on my bikini line yesterday. I'm tanner than usual from the tanning salon and I probably shouldn't have had the... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal on Arms and Tanning?

I had a session of laser hair removal done on Saturaday(full arms), my techician told me to stay out of the sun for 2-3 days, the very next day i... READ MORE

After you've got hair removal and days been passed can you use the tanning machines?

I wanted to know cause i've heard that after you get hair removal you can't go inside tanning machines is that so ? or no ? and after you've got hair... READ MORE

What do I need to do, to if not fix, then minimize the appearance of the scar? (photos)

Hello Doctors! 3 weeks ago I had a laser hair removal session go very wrong. What was supposed to be a 10 minute treatment left me swollen, blistered... READ MORE

I am currently tanned. Could I still get laser hair removal?

I am wanting laser I heard you need your natural colour I am currently tanned by the sun could I still get laser hair removal? READ MORE

Difference of treating African American skin vs tanned Caucasian skin.

Why can african americans get laser done but people that tan cant? READ MORE

After Laser Hair Removal, The Skin Won't Tan or Flush, Is This Normal?

Besides having laser hair about a yr ago and it not tanning ...why does it not flush or turn red when i shower like the rest of my skin or when im... READ MORE

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