Shave + Laser Hair Removal

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Shaving After Laser Hair Removal?

Is it safe to shave after a laser hair removal treatment, and in between treatments? Will I lose more or less hair with shaving? READ MORE

Ok to Shave Between Laser Hair Removal Appointments?

I am doing laser hair removal and I want to know if its safe to shave in between treatments and how to I know if it's working because my hair on my... READ MORE

Okay to Use Depilatory Creams Before and Inbetween Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

I know waxing, threading and plucking are not allowed, and bleaching is probably not recommended, but can depilatory creams be used instead of shaving? READ MORE

Best Laser System for Dense, Dark Back Hair with Light Skin?

My 18 year old son is in desperate need of laser hair removal on his back. It is very dense and dark. His skin is light. What is the best laser system... READ MORE

Will Not Shaving Before Laser Hair Removal Improve Results?

If i dont shave before the laser treatment, would that work? (when i shave my face, I feel it grows more hair than before) READ MORE

Waxing/Shaving After Discontinuing Laser Hair Removal?

I have discontinued laser therapy after completing 10 sessions. Will the fine hair be stimulated to grow back thicker if i wax or shave it? Will the... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Only Works for Hair in the Anagen Phase?

I've never shaved my arms because I'm afraid it'll appear thicker when it grows so since the hair was there for many years, it should be... READ MORE

If the Hairs Aren't Falling out on Their Own Does That Mean It Didn't Work?

I had one session under my arms with the LightSheer Duet. I had spray tanned the night before, not knowing that can affect it. The staff and doctor... READ MORE

What Should I Do About my LHR Tech?

My LHR tech prefers me to NOT shave before my appts to see my progress since I am having terrible results. (I am light- skinned with dark hair and... READ MORE

Can laser hair removal get rid of previous Hyperpigmentation from ingrown hairs? I'm 21 & it's been there for about 10 years.

Hello I'm a light-skinned african american girl (Chanel Iman's skin tone) and I always had a problem with my bikini line. I can't shave, wax, epilate,... READ MORE

Can I still shave normally after and in between treatments of Laser Hair Removal?

I read that "The treated hair will continue to appear for 7-30 days post-treatment" following laser hair removal. Can I still shave normally... READ MORE

Shaving Issues? (photo)

I am a male and every time I shave my thighs, or treasure trail, I get these red very painful & itchy bumps(in picture). Even if I use a... READ MORE

Should I Shave with a Razor or Trim It All the Way Down?

What works better for the leaser to pick it up a trimmer or a razor blade. READ MORE

Does shaving after laser hair removal thicken the treated hairs (facial hair)?

I m done with 7 laser hair removal for my cheeks and i m a man..there is still weak hairs... i m shaving it every while...does shaving thiken the... READ MORE

Difference Between Laser Places That Tell You to Not Shave in Between and Let the Hair Grow vs Those That Tell You To Shave?

I have been going to a place that tells me to get laser hair removal every two/three weeks and to not shave in between as they have found in their 20... READ MORE

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