Pluck Hair + Laser Hair Removal

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Waxing and Plucking After Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

After what time can a person wax, tweeze, pluck or use creams if they used laser hair remover only once or had number of treatment, but do not plan to... READ MORE

I Had Laser Hair Removal Last Week, and I Squeezed a Hair Out.. but It Felt As if It Was Ready to Come Out.. Did I Ruin It?

I have been having it for a year now and the problem is last year i plucked the hairs and they grew back and it pretty much ruined everything, so i... READ MORE

Plucking Hair and Going to Laser Hair Removal in 3 Weeks?

Hello Doctor, I am in a bit of a dilema, this is my 3rd laser hair removal treatment and this time i decided to pluck some of the hair follicles on my... READ MORE

What happens if i remove body hair from roots after my laser hair removal treatments?

If i'm having several hair removal treatments and the hair growth is noticeably decreased, and then after a new growth of hair i remove the body hair... READ MORE

Does Plucking Hair Change Hair Growth Cycle?

Does plucking hair change hair growth cycle? If it does, how long should I wait for hair growth cycle to turn back to nomal? Do I have to wait long... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis for Hyperpigmented Skin?

I have dermal PIH due to excessive plucking and not using sun protection. I have PCOS so hair growth is more than average. I need to remove the hair... READ MORE

Lazer Hair Removal?

I have been plucking hairs on my chin about 2 years andi noticed my pours are getting larger could this be from plucking hairs or just sun damage ,... READ MORE

Laser hair removal on upper lip 2 days ago. I plucked some hairs that were already starting to show. Did I make it worse?

I got laser hair removal on my upper lip 2 days ago, and already started to see dark blackhead-like spots at the ends. It was obviously hair. I... READ MORE

Is it ok to pluk facial hair ( threading on my face) before facial laser?

I would like to know iam bussy with my facial laser but i pluk my hair(do threading on my face) before i go for treatment coz im afraid to shave. Is... READ MORE

Should I Keep Shaving if I'm Stopping Laser Treatments Temporarily During Pregnancy? Or Can I Start Waxing/plucking?

I was getting laser hair removal for my upper lip and chin for 2+ years and I was at the point where I only got it every few months and shaved in... READ MORE

Do Waxing ,plucking, Threading After Finishing Laser Treatments (After 4 Sessinos and 2 Another) Make Hair Become Thicker ?

Do Waxing ,plucking, Threading After Finishing Laser Treatments (After 4 Sessinos and 2 Another) Make Hair Become Thicker ? READ MORE

Laser hair removal on chest, 20 year old female? What methods do you recommend?

Specifically between breasts and when I was about 13 I realized my hair was a lot darker between my breasts and managed to shave the hair, I have been... READ MORE

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