Patchy + Laser Hair Removal

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Im a 32 Years Old Man Who Did Laser Hair Removal on my Beard and Now I Want It Back What Can I Do? (photo)

I did laser hair removal with the light sheer six years agoon my facial hair when i had full beard...and its dark i have very little hair... READ MORE

Patchy Regrowth After Only One Laser Hair Removal Session?

I did a single laser treatment on my forearm and it has been 2.5 months. The hair has regrown patchy with some small very light hair in some spots.... READ MORE

Wanted 2 Reduce Hair Amount and Now Im Missing Hair on Certain Spots It Looks Awful

Im a very hairy guy and i just wanted to reduce hair amount. I did two sessions with this home removal laser because i just didnt want anybody to... READ MORE

I Have Discoloration (Dark Patches) on my Upper Lip. I Have Been Using the Flash and Go at Home?

Is the discoloration permanent? Should I stop using the flash and go? (I am getting really great results)... What can I do. Looks like I have a... READ MORE

Hair is patchy after 3 laser removal treatments? Will it grow back and look normal after few months? (photo)

I did 3 hair laser treatments on my legs and now they are patchy and look not normal. it's been 2 months and the areas where there is no hair is not... READ MORE

I Am Still Red & Patchy 4 Weeks Post Laser Hair Removal for PFB. What Should I Do? (photo)

I had mild pseudofolliculitis barbae at the base of my beard. My back & shoulders were done at the same time (same laser) w no issue. 4 wks later,... READ MORE

More hair after 8 sessions of laser in my back & the situation is worse than before, what to do please? (photo)

I was suffering from patchy thick hair in my back (I put it in circles) ,after 8 sessions of laser I noticed more hair growing in full area i.e. the... READ MORE

Will I get my hair back after treatment?

8 weeks ago I had my first laser removal treatment. I only wanted to remove the hair on my bikini line but the doctor said that because I had so many... READ MORE

Is There is Any Complication with Laser Hair Removal in Varicose Veins?

I am female suffering from varicose vein and I did laser for hair removal for the whole body but after one day I noticed appearance of multiple skin... READ MORE

I had my face treated for hair removal. I had 2 treatments 3 weeks apart. The dark patch has increase. Any suggestions? (photos)

After 2nd treatment a dark patch appeared vertically down my right cheek. The Doctor treated this thrice with Skin Lightening Solution from Kalium.... READ MORE

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