Hairline + Laser Hair Removal

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How to Remove Unwanted Hair on Forehead w/o Harming Hairline Area?

My goal is to remove unwanted hair near the hairline area without harming the hairline. My plan would be use a wet (wooden) tongue depressor to shield... READ MORE

Close to 5 Weeks Healing Time on Laser Hair Removal Burn?

I had my 1st session of Laser Hair removal almost 5 weeks ago, & ONE side of my face is burned and still healing. The laser center claims that the... READ MORE

Laser Went Above Hairline, Will It Grow Back? 2 Treatments with GentleYAG.

I had two treatments done on the back of my neck, but I guess I wasn't very clear with the technician and it doesn't look very even now. I... READ MORE

Is There A Way For Me To Pull Back The Hairline At The Sides Of My Face?

Hi. i'd like to know if there's a procedure that can pull back the hairline at the sides of the head. i mean is it possible to get the effect... READ MORE

Changing forehead and hairline. Forehead is too narrow looking to widen it don't know what the best option is. (Photo)

I have a very small forehead as my hairline has a uncommon shape. I cannot stand my hairline and ever since i have started shaving it to look more... READ MORE

Will the hair on my forehead and eyebrows grow back after a messy laser removal? Can i do anything to stimulte growth?

Originally my hairline was very low: 1st treatment- she lasered a small amount as requested 2nd- she lasered a LOT more which I didn't ask for. 3rd-... READ MORE

Can I Still Get a Receding Hairline if I Got Laser Hair Removal?

I had a very small forehead and decided to have laser hair removal to remove some hair and make my forehead bigger. I have a family history of... READ MORE

Mohs surgeon rotated sideburn hair into horizontal incision. What is a permanent solution for this unwanted hair?

I had a Mohs surgery 4 months ago for a large basal cell carcinoma on my cheek. Reconstruction utilzed a cheek flap technique. The surgeon made the... READ MORE

Is there a way to lower my hair line? Or should I get l laser hair removal on my scalp? Is that even safe? (photo)

Hi I am a young man with a really bad receding hairline. I got to the point where I just shaved my head. However, I'm tired of shaving every two days!... READ MORE

What gives better results alexandrite or diode?

I would like to do laser hair removal on my hairline (scalp-nape hairs) back and front. I am very confused about my options of going with a good... READ MORE

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