Hair Growth + Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal: is 4 Months Between Treatments Too Long a Wait?

I had my first session on my bikini about 3 - 4 months ago and at first the hair fell out and left about 30% hairs only, it was amazing, but now it... READ MORE

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: Will Hair That Has Fallen out Grow Back?

Very embarrassing but I went for my 1st session of brazilian LHR and I was so busy worrying about the pain I stupidly forgot to tell them to leave a... READ MORE

Paradoxical Hypertrichosis After Laser Hair Removal

I experienced Paradoxical Hypertrichosis or hair regrowth after 2 laser hair removal treatments. I cannot find anywhere whether this is a transient... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Have Adverse Hair Growth Effects?

Can laser hair removal of one body part cause hair to grow out of another? READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Only Works for Hair in the Anagen Phase?

I've never shaved my arms because I'm afraid it'll appear thicker when it grows so since the hair was there for many years, it should be... READ MORE

Questions About Laser Hair Removal For Sensitive Fair Skin And Fine Dark Hair?

Worried as I had a bad exp with ipl, will really appreciate if someone can ans these. I have sensitive, fair skin and fine dark hair. 1. Will hair... READ MORE

Can restoring hormonal balance get rid of excessive hair on female body?

I am a 20-year old female. I've noticed hair growth on my face, chest, abdomen, and arms over the past three months or so. I'm assuming that this is... READ MORE

Is the Laser Hair Removal Still Effective Even if There is No Sign of Hair?

I am currently asking this question because I am not on my 3rd session and I have notice very little hair growth and I have been on scheduled sessions... READ MORE

I Have Recently Gone for Harmony AFP Lazer Treatments and Now Have Black Hair Growing What Can I Do?

Harmony AFP is to make your skin tighter and to remove sun spots on the face, which it did do but now i have black long hair growth. I read some where... READ MORE

Why Do Some Laser Hair Removal Machines Require Visible Hair Growth?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment today. They used a machine that I can't find any information on. It was called cheauvx. It was pain free.... READ MORE

Hair grow again after lasering than before?

I'm 15 years old and i did laser on my face but now it became more than before which makes me ugly now. what i do now? help me with any suitable... READ MORE

I’m a female with skin type IV who has undergone laser hair removal, what to do now that laser has caused thicker hair growth?

Before laser I had thickish upperlip and fine hairs elsewhere on my face. After 5 treatments I took a 3 month break, my hair grew and I noticed I now... READ MORE

Are there certain facial areas that can't undergo laser hair removal as it might stimulate hair growth?

I'm currently undergoing laser hair removal (alexandrite). The person doing it refuses to remove the hair on my face lateral to my chin close to the... READ MORE

Do You Know Somebody Whose Hair Grew Back After Having to Stop Laser Treatments After 1 or 2 Sessions? How Long Did It Take?

I had two laser treatments for scalp hair, but have since realized that due to the lack of permanency that scalp hair excision would be the best... READ MORE

Paradoxical hair stimulation from laser. Is there any way out of this situation?

I started getting laser hair removal on face and neck 2 years back and needed to go every 6-8 weeks. I have noticed that the hair re-growth has become... READ MORE

Horrible Hair Growth After Being Treated with a Laser, What Can I Do?

I have been treated with a laser for two years now. first of all, it's incredibly painful and i break out after each treatment. hair started to... READ MORE

Paradoxical Hair Growth?

I have done laser on my face and I got paradoxical hair growth on my face. I am dark skin and dark hair. I did not feel anything on my face during... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Area to Get Darker and Sprout New Hair Growth?

I'm getting laser hair removal on my side burns & chin area. I've noticed my chin area has become darker than the rest of my skin and... READ MORE

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