Discoloration + Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal / Discoloration on Bikini Area from Sun Exposure

I have already gone in for a couple sessions of laser hair removal on my bikini area. I decided to use a tanning bed to tan but forgot to wear a... READ MORE

Will I Have Scars and Discoloration on my Legs After Laser Hair Removal Burns? (photo)

I had laser hair removal treatment a week ago and now I have burns all over my lower legs. Will I have scars and discoloration on my skin? I'm... READ MORE

Upper Lip Discoloration As a Result of Laser Hair Removal?

In 2011, I did my first and last session of laser hair removal on my upper lip. After, I noticed a discoloration. The skin is now a darker pigment and... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Caused Discolored or Darker Skin?

Im a woman ,i have made until now three laser session , after the third one i notice that the top area of bikini is discolored and become more darker... READ MORE

I Got Burned by VPL Laser; How To Minimize Scarring and Discoloration? (photo)

I got burned by a VPL Laser hair removal system and I would like to know how to treat it to minimize the scarring and discoloration. Should I go see a... READ MORE

How to Treat Burn Discolorations from IPL Hair Removal Treatment on Bikini Area?

I've gotten the laser hair removal treatment on my bikini area on Friday (today is Sunday) with the IPL machine. I am a light-skinned Asian and... READ MORE

After Laser Hair Removal....

I had laser a little over a year ago and now i feel like i have a lighter demarcrated line on my upper lip...is this permanent? I am skin type IV and... READ MORE

Discoloration and Burns in Previous Session, Should I Discontinue Treatment?

Hello Doctor, Presently I am undergoing laser hair removal treatment for my face. Upon completing my second session I got severe burns in my lower lip... READ MORE

Laser hair removal, bikini area: are these burns, discoloration or both? Is it permanent? How can I treat it? (Photo)

I had laser treatment done in my bikini area 3 days ago, started to notice some discoloration & what seemed like burns. Is this discoloration... READ MORE

Will laser hair removal get rid purplish/red marks and ingrown hair in bikini line? (Photo)

I already had 1 treatment and it has been 2 weeks. I have seen hair falling out and less hair growth but I am more concerned with the discoloration... READ MORE

I Have Discoloration (Dark Patches) on my Upper Lip. I Have Been Using the Flash and Go at Home?

Is the discoloration permanent? Should I stop using the flash and go? (I am getting really great results)... What can I do. Looks like I have a... READ MORE

Facial Laser Hair Removal for African American skin one week ago. The entire area is dark, is discoloration temporary? (photos)

The dr. told me he would need to do the procedure due to the intricacies of dark skin. It would cost 3x more for him rather than a tech. During the... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal on my legs 7 days ago, but I noticed slight tan discoloration in various areas. Is this normal? (photo)

I had laser hair removal on my legs 7 days ago, but I noticed slight yellowish/tan discoloration in various areas. It is not noticable in artificial... READ MORE

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