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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

I get a lot of razor bumps on my legs and so I want to try laser hair removal to see if that will fix my problem.  I know it won't be cheap,... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Cost for Armpits?

I would like to get laser hair removal on my armpits. I have dark hair and light skin. I was wondering how many treatments will it take, and much it... READ MORE

What is the Cost of Total Body Laser Hair Removal?

I am considering having total body laser hair removal, from face to toe. I was just wondering what the cost of such a procedure is; from the highest... READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Upper Lip? I'm Indian.

How many sessions will it take? what wil be the cost and how many days it wil take...... READ MORE

What Should Laser Hair Removal Cost?

I read on this website that you shouldn't shop around for laser hair removal to get the best price. But what then should I be paying? What is a fair... READ MORE

No Hair Growth After First Laser Treatment. When Should I Go Back?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment on my legs and arm pits 10 weeks ago and the hair still has not grown back. When should I go back for my... READ MORE

Sedation During Laser Hair Removal?

I want to get a Laser Hair Removal, so I want to know if I can be put to sleep during surgery and does the price include the whole body or certain... READ MORE

4mm Hair Removal Between Ear Lobes and Side Burns for Men: What is the Cost?

4mm hair removal between ear lobes and side burns for men. What is the cost? READ MORE

Is Electrolysis for Light Hair Removal Too Expensive?

I had Laser hair removal on my chin (several sessions), which removed all the darker hair. My practitioner warned me at the beginning that I would... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Remove A Full Beard? (photo)

I am 50 Year Old Persian Female Living in Kansas & Living with a Full Beard Since I Was 5. I'm Tired but Hopefull. I wish & pray daily so II... READ MORE

I am concerned about laser pubic hair removal. Is it dangerous? What are the side effects? How much does it cost?

Hello. I have a question. Is laser pubic hair removal dangerous? How much it costs? What are the side effects of it? Is it secure to not have hair on... READ MORE

Cost of Double-pass Laser Hair Removal?

I'm a 62-year old man wanting monthly double-pass laser hair removal from my face to my toes and every area in between. I'm looking for a place and... READ MORE

Is it possible to have Laser Hair Removal to the pubic area? How painful is it?

Is the pain tolerable down there lol , Instead of a full Brazilian Wax Id like to get a full laser treatment. Typically whats the average cost in NY ? READ MORE

Difference Between Laser Places That Tell You to Not Shave in Between and Let the Hair Grow vs Those That Tell You To Shave?

I have been going to a place that tells me to get laser hair removal every two/three weeks and to not shave in between as they have found in their 20... READ MORE

What treatment/laser would you recommend to remove dark facial hair (chin, upper lip, jawline) on a Caucasian female?

Does it really matter if it's a female or male? And also - rough cost estimate please. Thank you for your time! READ MORE

How long would Laser Hair Removal take for legs and bikini line, and what would it cost?

I am thinking of getting my legs and bikini line done. I would want treatment all over my legs. I'm very pale (Caucasian) with very sensitive skin and... READ MORE

How Much Should We Expect to Pay for One Natal Cleft Laser Hair Removal Treatment to Prevent Pilonidal Cyst Recurrence?

How Much Should We Expect to Pay for One Natal Cleft Laser Hair Removal Treatment to Prevent Pilonidal Cyst Recurrence? READ MORE

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