2 Days Post-op + Laser Hair Removal

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Will These Burns from Laser Hair Removal Scar my Face Permanently? (photo)

Hi i had a laser hair removal treatment 2 days ago and have been burnt and i am scared that i am scarred for life on my face.I have had a few... READ MORE

Bright Red Spots After Hair Removal Treatment? (photo)

Yesterday I had my second hair removal treatment on my lower legs and now they are covered with small red spots (around follicles) - it's has been... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn with Blister & Scarring- What Can I Do?

I got laser hair removal done in my underarms two days ago. While one of the armpit recorded quickly the other one developed puffiness and redness... READ MORE

Brown Mark on Skin Following Laser Hair Removal? (photo)

I had laser hair removal done on my tummy 2 days ago & was left with this brown mark on my skin. (see pic) I went back to the derm & she said... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burns Less Than 48hrs Ago, Please Advise? (photo)

Hi, i had laser hair removal on my legs and arms less than 48hrs ago, and experienced burns which has never been the case before. The clinic explained... READ MORE

White bumps after laser hair removal - will it get better? (Photo)

Hi, i just got my third treatment done 2 days ago, and I was horrified when I looked at my legs this morning. They have white bumps all over, but... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal Treatment Be Used on an Area Treated by Botox? (photo)

A month back I used botox on my uper lip to smooth the wrinkled. After the Dr. applied laser removal treatment to my upper lip two day ago, the skin... READ MORE

2 day post op of Laser Hair Removal for my underarms, I noticed some blisters and its itchy. This is normal?

Is it normal? What should i do to small white blisters with puss inside it? What will i apply to get rid of the ichiness? READ MORE

I went for my 1st Laser Hair Removal and did my arms, can I go swimming at the beach 2 days after the treatment?

Full arms laser treatment and i dont know when is it ok to go to swim at the beach. It's the 2nd day after i got the treatment. should i wait more... READ MORE

Help!!! Tiny circular bumps on back post laser hair removal. What creams to apply? (Photo)

I've got laser hair removal done on my back, 2 days ago (2nd treatment). My back has small circular bumps all over it and on some areas looks like it... READ MORE

Laser hair removal on upper lip 2 days ago. I plucked some hairs that were already starting to show. Did I make it worse?

I got laser hair removal on my upper lip 2 days ago, and already started to see dark blackhead-like spots at the ends. It was obviously hair. I... READ MORE

What Are These Dark Areas After Laser Hair Removal on Scrotum? (photo)

I am an Asian male and I had my first laser hair removal treatment almost 2 days ago using the Soprano XL laser on my bikini area. The entire... READ MORE

Red itchy bumps on my armpit two days after laser hair removal. Is this permanent or will it heal? (Photo)

I am 15 years old and just got laser hair removal 2 days ago, my under arms were hurting alot and I felt pain everytime I moved my arms,I looked in... READ MORE

How Should I Treat Burns After Laser Hair Removal? (photo)

I had a laser hair removal treatment done two days ago, and these burns have been there since. I'm really worried right now and I have no idea how... READ MORE

Can laser cause pains after treatment? I couldn't move my arm without it hurting. What do I do?

I did laser under the arms. Two days later I had pains to the point I couldn't move my arm without it hurting. It went away now my other side underarm... READ MORE

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