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1 Week Post-op + Laser Hair Removal

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Will I Have Scars and Discoloration on my Legs After Laser Hair Removal Burns? (photo)

I had laser hair removal treatment a week ago and now I have burns all over my lower legs. Will I have scars and discoloration on my skin? I'm... READ MORE

Itchy Bumps 1 Week After 2nd E- Light Hair Removal?

I have developed some itchy red bumps 1 weeks after my 2nd E-light hair removal treatment. Nothing happened for the 1st treatment, and it is the same... READ MORE

I Got Laser Hair Removal on August 24,2013, Are My Burns Normal? (photo)

I've gone back to the center the doctor said this is normal , and offered me a free session to which I said hell no! It was excruciating to say the... READ MORE

Would Scar from Laser Hair Removal Heal? (photo)

Hello, I had my first laser hair removal treatment a week ago, and am very concerned about the condition of my skin. The treatment was very painful,... READ MORE

I'm 1 Week Post-LASIK, Can I Do Laser Hair Removal on my Upper Lip? (photo)

I Hav Done Lasik Surgery 1 Week Before , Can I Do Laser Hair Removal on my Upper Lip READ MORE

Laser Burn on Labia. Will It Remain White? (photo)

This is how my labia looks like 5 days after laser hair removal nd yag machine. Will this heal and get back to a darker colour? READ MORE

Hair Growing Back Super Dark and Coarse After Laser Hair Removal. Painful Red Bumps and Ingrown Hairs. Please Help Me?

I got my first Brazilian laser hair removal treatment 5 days ago. My hair is extremely coarse and I shave everyday and it still grows out. After my... READ MORE

How to treat extreme allergic reaction to laser hair removal?

I have had my second full body treatment five days ago. I have been experiencing extreme itching sensation since then, my first session was ok. I have... READ MORE

I had my very first Laser Hair Removal session 8 days ago. I still got some marks look like scars on my leg. (photos)

I had my very first Laser Hair Removal session 8 days ago. The laser treatment that I've done is Diode Laser Hair Removal. I've done for full leg and... READ MORE

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