Laser Eye Surgery Videos

The CO2 Laser Used in Eyelid Surgery "Looks Like Magic"

Any eye surgery tends to put most people at unease, considering how important eyesight is, especially when the doctor says he or she will be using a laser... what!? Dr. Jeffrey Schiller puts our minds at ease about this procedure. VIEW NOW

Ptosis Repair Surgery: Operating Room Cam

Dr. John Martin walks us through a typical ptosis repair surgery, in which he repairs a sagging eyelid. VIEW NOW

Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty: Minimal Bleeding With the Use of a Laser

LoDr. John Martin performs a lower eyelid bleph on a male patient, taking us into the operating room to show just how precise the surgery can be with the help of a laser. VIEW NOW

LASIK Patient Testimonial: "It Makes an Enormous Difference"

This patient describes his life and experience being glasses-free after LASIK, noting his rediscovered joy of swimming. VIEW NOW

LASIK Patient Testimonial: "I Wish I Had It Done Years Earlier"

This patient describes her experience during and after her LASIK procedure. This patient needed her glasses so infrequently that it was a chore to remember them. VIEW NOW