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Epi Lasek or Intralase Lasik (Both with Wavefront)

I am led to believe that these are currently the most advanced laser eye surgery techniques to date. I am leaning towards lasek because it seems it is... READ MORE

My Post Prk Complication. What Can I Do?

I had my prk on 1/5. got my bandage contact lenses off one day ago. after two jours from taking them i had the worst pain in my life in the left eye.... READ MORE

Scar on Sclera

I have a small scar on my sclera caused by a childhood injury as i was hit by a ball near the eye, its brownish like a birth mark and want to know if... READ MORE

Surgery for Uneven ("Wandering") Eyes

Hello, I like wearing plano contact lenses, and have no vision problems, however since my eyes are different shapes, my contacts have an odd effect,... READ MORE

Damage to Eye From A Scratch. Can I Get This Corrected?

A few years ago, I was a victim of egging, which resulted in my pupil being scratched. I am no longer able to see out of that eye. Is there a... READ MORE

High nearsightedness: lasek, ICL, or Artiflex? I would greatly appreciate any advice!

I am 22 years old and have worn glasses since I was 8. I received different advice from 3 doctors concerning lasek, ICL, or Artiflex. One doctor... READ MORE

I am 19 years old. I have -9 and -11 nearsightedness. Corneal thickness is 510 and 508. Which eye surgery should I consider?

I had myopia since i was small and it has increasing to -9 and -11. Since the last year it is stable. So now i am considering eye surgery. But my... READ MORE

I am farsighted with a prescription of +13 in both my eyes. Option for surgeries?

I have lately become very depressed over my condition. What surgeries can be performed over my eyes to correct my vision? READ MORE

Eye color changed. What can I do? Laser surgery?

Hi i have a Problem i used an eyelash serum , now my eyecolour is darker and i have Brown Spots in my Iris i have blue eyes ... What can i do ? Laser... READ MORE

Which surgery is best for me? My doctor advised me not to do LASIK.

Sir, I am having 460 and 450 micron thickness in my kaft and Right eye respectively and I wat to do LASIK but doctor advised me to not do LASIK so... READ MORE

Just Got Lateral Tarsal Strip 5 Weeks Ago No Luck Need Advise on What to Do?

Well when i was approximately 5 years old they found a benign orbital tumor they took my eye out and scraped the bone. When I was about 12 my mother... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do for Very Thin Skin on my Nose Due to Laser Treatment?

I have had a few laser sessions on my nose and now the skin is so thin that it is really sore especially when I have to wear glasses and sunglasses.... READ MORE

Cauterised eye vein. Is it possible that this vein has a weak spot? I've tried everything but it never disappears. (Photo)

I have this dilated vein almost for 12years, i tried Everthing but it never dissipears.During the day my eye always look irritated but doesnt feel... READ MORE

I can't get rid of double vision. Over 2 weeks now?

2 1 /2 wks ago sudden onset of double vision bilaterally. 48 hrs later horrible flu/sinis/ upper resp type inf. green sputum coughingetc. post 10 days... READ MORE

What are my vision options now?

Monovision worked for a while. Distance vision worsen and now I can't see clear with or without glasses a lot of times close up or far away. What can... READ MORE

I want the best suggested treatment for my eyes

My eyes power - 18in left eye and - 9 in the right eye... which will b the best treatment... plz suggest me READ MORE

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