Glasses + Laser Eye Surgery

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Should I Wear Glasses?

I am diagnosed to have -0.25 astigmatism, should I wear glasses? READ MORE

Why are objects viewed by my left eye narrower than they should be? I see an oval when I look at a ball.

I had an accomodating IOL inplanted in my left eye, followed up by lasek. Pre-op +2.75 -2.74 010 post-op +1.50 -.75 010. My right eye is +1.50 -1.25... READ MORE

What Laser Surgery procedure works best for High Astigmatism? LASIK, PRK or LASEK?

My contact prescription is L : -1.25 -4.75 x 175 , R : -0.25 -5.75 x 010 . I use toric lenses but prefer glasses since they give me better vision. I... READ MORE

High nearsightedness: lasek, ICL, or Artiflex? I would greatly appreciate any advice!

I am 22 years old and have worn glasses since I was 8. I received different advice from 3 doctors concerning lasek, ICL, or Artiflex. One doctor... READ MORE


Hi, I've been wearing glasses for many years now. Every year it gets worse. I was just curious of what can be done to exclude glasses out of my... READ MORE

It's Been Now 8 Years After my Laser Eye Surgery, Marks Still Appears.How to Remove Dents on Nose Bridge from Wearing Glasses?

It's been now 8 years after my laser eye surgery, marks still appears on each side of nose and little on uppper part of nose. How to Remove Dents on... READ MORE

Can I Wear Contact Lenses or Glasses Whilst I'm Waiting for my Vision to Fully Recover After Lasek Surgery?

I had lasek surgery two weeks ago and vision is still not clear and crisp. Especially when I'm reading things on the computer. This is causing my eyes... READ MORE

Is surface laser the same as PRK?

Further why regression does occur and what are reasons of number back again after had a lasik. I had a corneal topography two weeks back according to... READ MORE

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